Dedicated Theatre Building Concept

Dedicated Theatre Building Concept

Butler Gym may be transformed into a dedicated theatre building with 300 seats, design shop, storage and a lobby with a Doane art gallery. The concept also includes a black box theatre lab, classrooms and faculty offices. 

Butler Perspective 1

overhead view of dedicated theatre concept

A concept of the view from above the new theatre building. 

Butler 2 Photoshop Mockup

Main Plan Overview

A modified thrust stage will extend it beyond the proscenium to create a greater connection between the performers and the audience, while preserving a full backstage area. A full fly system at the back of the stage will raise and lower scenery as well as space for dressing rooms, scene shop, costume shop and storage.

Theatre Main Plan Overview


This interior view of the new theatre space, which includes a modified thrust stage and banked seating for 300 that ensures clear sight lines.

Theatre Interior


The concept for the theatre lobby includes a reception area for special events or small lectures or discussions connected to performances.

Theatre Lobby Interior