Deb Savage

Assistant Prof of Practice in Nursing & Clinical Supervisor
Lincoln Undergraduate Program
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Deb Savage earned her nursing diploma from Bryan School of Nursing, her Bachelor of Science in nursing from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and her Master of Science in Nursing from Creighton University. She is currently working on her Education Specialist degree from Doane University. Upon completion of this degree, she will enter the Doctorate of Education (EdD) at Doane University.  Deb has worked in medical-surgical, oncology and critical care areas, with the majority of that time in critical care. She taught at Bryan School of Nursing for many years before leaving to go back to work on the floor. She worked at Create Area Medical Center for a few years before taking the Director of Nursing Programs at Doane in 2010.  Deb earned the Doane College Mission Award in 2013 for living the mission of the College by displaying one or more of the components of LIVE Doane: Leadership, Inquiry, Values, Engagement.  Deb is married with one son, lives on an acreage and is a March Madness fanatic. Her love of watching people learn that they have the ability to go beyond what they think they are is evident in her “Why” statement:

“To challenge people’s basic assumptions so that people have the ability to go beyond what they think they are”.


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