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David Peterson (2005)


David graduated from North Platte High School in North Platte, Nebraska before coming to Doane.  He was attracted to Doane due to the very friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to pursue soccer

as well as academics.  His conversations with faculty during a visit also suggested that he would be comfortable interacting with them once he got here.  David started out as a mathematics maj

or but physics professor Plano Clark convinced him to also major in physics after taking the introductory class, so he ended up having a double major.

Many of David's most memorable experiences at Doane occurred outside the classroom.  He remembers with fondness the many daily interactions with other students in the dorms and a trip to Africa that he took during one of the interterm sessions.

Professor Wentworth remembers David being very active in the campus physics club, providing tremendous help with putting on the Doane Physics Olympics, an outreach activity for high school students.

After graduating from Doane, David pursued studies in architectural engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and he successfully completed a masters degree in architectural engineering in 2008.  

How did the Doane physics program help David?

"The program allowed me to smoothly transition into the courses for the Masters program.  I felt I had a better understanding of some of the principles than the other students in the masters program who did not go to Doane."

What's David up to now?

He now works as a project manager for Miller Electric Company in Omaha, Nebraska and plans to take his professional license exam within a couple of years.