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With some of the best-rated jobs in the nation, and five of the top ten highest paying jobs, the computer science field is vibrant, exciting, challenging and growing. There are also many stimulating graduate school opportunities in computer science.

The Department of Information Science and Technology is an excellent way to prepare you for entry into this field. Our program is comprehensive, unique, and flexible.

Computer science is a solid field of study that combines well with other majors.  Doane students have combined IST majors or minors with studies in mathematics, physics, business, art, graphic design, music, communications, and even psychology and English.

Co-curricular Options

Computer Science w/ Honors - The IST Honors program is designed to further challenge students with additional courses and research opportunities. 

To find out more about Doane University's Computer Science major, request information here.

Three-Year Graduation Program
Focused on a major – and a career – in Computer Science and motivated to move ahead at a faster pace? Doane offers a Three-Year Graduation Program backed with a three-year guarantee. The three-year degree program isn't for everybody. Students must apply and eligibility and acceptance are based on GPA, ACT/SAT scores and credits earned prior to enrollment. For those committed students who fit this option, faculty have created an intensive academic plan with a three-year course schedule.
Learning Environment


Lied Science Building

Doane's Science, Mathematics and Information Science and Technology programs are housed in the Lied Science and Mathematics Building, encompassing 60,000-plus square feet. Specialized laboratories and flexible classrooms allow for in-depth interaction among faculty and students.

The Lied Foundation of Las Vegas, Nevada, provided Doane University $3 million for construction of the building. The Lied Building houses astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology, environmental science, information science and technology, mathematics, natural science, physics and physical science. The college's preprofessional programs in engineering; environmental science, forestry; medical, dental and allied health; and veterinary medicine, are also held in the Lied Science and Mathematics Building.

  • Two state-of-the-art classrooms/labs
  • Research and development laboratory with state-of-the-art information technology
  • Electronics laboratory & shop
  • Laptops available for nightly checkout

Technology around campus:

  • Wireless access available throughout campus
  • Network connection in all college buildings
  • Student file storage available via cloud
  • Computers available in all residence halls and academic buildings

Specialty computer facilities available in numerous disciplines (i.e. physics, communication studies, art)

Specialized Program Opportunities

Information Science and Technology Projects

Most IST classes require major student projects. Every IST major will also complete a significant, independent project to fulfill graduation requirements. If you would like to see some examples, our project server has links to a small sampling of the many projects students have developed as part of their experience at Doane University.

Visit the student and faculty web server for a complete listing of IST research projects.  (


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IST 140 - Introduction to Information Science and Technology (3)
IST 145 - Introduction to Programming and Problem-Solving (3)
IST 146 - Programming and Problem-Solving II (3)
IST 246 - Data Structures and Algorithms (3)
IST 252 - Principles of Digital Logic & Computer Organization (3)
IST 310 - Parallel Computational Techniques (3)
IST 314 - Design and Analysis of Algorithms (3)
IST 315 - Theory of Computation (3)
IST 421 - Information Science and Technology Internship (0-12)
IST 495 - Information Science and Technology Seminar (1)
IST 401 - Information Science and Technology Honors Research (1)
ATV 137 - Doane Information Solutions Cadre (DISC) (0-1)
MTH 250 - Foundations of Mathematics (3)
RES 495 - Research II (1-4)
RES 496 - Research III (1-4)
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Three-Year Graduation Program
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Special Programs
3 Year Degree Program

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