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Community Sponsorship Nomination Form

Community Sponsorship Nomination Form

Eligibility Requirements

  • The proposal must serve residents of communities which fall within our geographical footprint.
  • Doane faculty/staff must apply online for community sponsorship funding and provide any supporting documentation regarding the organization or event needed to verify authenticity.
  • Funding requests must be made by July 1, 2019.
  • Events are one-time activities that potentially benefit a non-profit organization. These may include, but are not limited to, walk-a-thons, relays for life and food drives.
  • Programs are more likely to be ongoing activities and may be educational in nature or provide entertainment. These may include summer concert series, lectures series or training workshops.
  • Only one community sponsorship will be awarded to an organization per calendar year. If renewed funding is desired, the individual must submit a new request.
  • We consider sponsorship proposals from a wide variety of organizations. Preference is given to projects and activities that fall within our specific giving priorities of affecting those who work and learn in our Doane communities.
  • The programs, activities, and events for which you seek funding must comply with Doane University’s anti-discrimination policy.

Unfortunately, community sponsorships cannot be made to/for the following:

  • Individuals and families
  • Organizations or events which are not open to members of the general public
  • Organizations that discriminate on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, veteran status, disability or other characteristic protected by law
  • Political, advocacy, governmental, fraternal, labor and veterans groups
  • Religious organizations, unless the program supports, and is open to, the community
  • Trips and tours by groups or individuals, or traveling teams, including transportation costs
  • National conferences
  • Public or private educational institutions for grades K-12, including associated teams, groups, events or scholarships
  • Membership fees or dues
  • Research projects
  • Memorials
  • Pageants
  • Yearbook ads

Application Process

  1. Individuals must apply online for community sponsorship funding by going to
  2. The Doane University Community Sponsorship Committee will meet in early July to consider sponsorship requests.
  3. Sponsorship Awards will be announced in mid-late July.
Event Date
(e.g. Premier, Flagship, Presenting, Contributing)
(e.g. walkers, volunteer hours, attendance at event, etc.)
Include how Doane will be recognized for its level of sponsorship.
How many people will see Doane’s partnership on materials, through the event itself, etc?
(e.g. table at event, shirts, etc.)