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Teacher placement is a very important part of the program at Doane. One of the assumptions students have held during their teaching preparation is that they will be able to apply their skills and insights by having a class or teaching environment of their own. The credential information and teacher profile are very helpful for perspective employers to match the right candidate with the right job.


Credential Information

Credentials are a very important part of your effort to obtain a teaching position. These contain references from faculty, personal acquaintances, the cooperating teacher(s), and the supervisor from Doane University. Superintendents generally consider the information from your student teaching as the most pertinent data in making a decision about granting you an interview for a position. The law provides that your credentials may be either open (available for your inspection) or closed (not available for your inspection). When setting up your placement file with the Education Department you will be given the opportunity to make this selection.

The teaching profession is in need of highly competent and professional members. We hope your experience at Doane and your particular personality pattern will cause you to perform at this level. The placement process described above will help you secure that "first teaching position."

Credential Service Contacts

Resumé/cover letter:  Julie Kozisek, or 402.826.8210
Credential Files:
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