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Endorsements and Specializations

Endorsements and Specializations

To teach is a calling. That same calling has beckoned us all into this profession. Teachers have a lot in common. They care about the future, and preparing today’s kids to best meet and build it. They’re compassionate and hardworking, sacrificing and worldly. Some teachers want to dig a little deeper into one specific area of teaching. Some are called to do something special. That’s why Doane offers a variety of endorsements for aspiring educators who want to dig a little deeper.

Doane’s College of Education is centered on the whole student, both ours and yours. At Doane, tomorrow’s teachers develop the skills they need not only to be exceptional educators, but also to excel in their lives and careers, wherever life takes them.

Some educators feel an additional calling to meet a special need in education, and for them Doane offers several special educational endorsements and specializations. Each gives aspiring teachers additional skills to rise to a special challenge in teaching.

Our endorsements and specializations

Early Childhood Endorsement:

Learn to address the special challenges of teaching very young children, and how to make sure their education starts strong.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Endorsement:

Learn to better reach children who grew up speaking a language other than English, giving them the skills they need to thrive.

Reading Specialist Endorsement:

Literacy is one of the most important skills for determining a student’s success later in life. This endorsement teaches you to help kids master everything they need to read, and especially how to help students who may be struggling.

Reading and Writing Endorsement:

Communication is key in all parts of a student’s life, both their education and career to come. This endorsement gives teachers the skills they need to unlock an understanding of both reading and writing in their students, and how to reach those who are struggling.

Special Education Endorsement:

Every student deserves the highest quality of education, and every student can contribute to the world we all share. Special educators understand this, and in this endorsement they learn how to address the challenges of teaching students with disabilities.

Social Emotional Learning Specialization:

Helping both students and adults to understand, manage, control, and maintain both healthy and responsible relationships and choices is something not every teacher feels preapred to do. Learning the skills to empower students with social and educational learning competencies will bring clarity to teaching.

Content Testing

A passing score on a required Nebraska Department of Education "content" test is required for Reading Specialist, Early Childhood, and Special Education endorsements effective June 2015.  All students applying for certification in Nebraska must provide evidence they have taken the required Praxis II content test and received the required passing score.