Practicum I

This is the initial phase of DTEP (Doane Teacher Education Program). It includes these classes: Education 211, Education 221, Education 321, and Education 341.  Committed elementary, secondary, and special education teachers have always given special attention to children representing diverse groups in their classrooms. As a professional, you must exhibit commitment in providing the best opportunities and learning environment for every child.

Designing a curriculum based on inclusion is a decision to build to diverse strengths of students to meet the greater group goal. Teachers and students alike can reach to and include the children and youth in their classrooms who are of a different gender, class, race, religion, sexual orientation or culture.

The professional teacher views every child or youth as someone with potential and makes every effort to provide educational experiences to meet the needs of all students.


Each undergraduate student in the teacher education will develop a professional growth portfolio documenting his/her growth based upon the standards for the Doane Education Program.  This will allow the student to record accomplishments and progress to reflect on teaching skills, knowledge, and understanding.  Development of the portfolio  begins in Practicum I in Education 211 and continues through Practicum II.

Portfolio Contents

Each student in the teacher education program will develop a professional portfolio documenting his/her growth based upon the standards for the Doane Teacher Education Program.  The portfolio serves as a tool to generate student goals and helps students focus on future learning.  Portfolio development is the responsibility of the student, with the guidance provided by practicum course faculty.  The student is responsible for the safekeeping of the portfolio throughout the program.  Development of the Portfolio begins in Education 211 and continues for three more semesters through Education 341.)   The portfolio may be paper or electronic.

The portfolio serves two main purposes.   (1) The portfolio provides documentation of the professional growth of the student in the program.  This allows students to record accomplishments and progress on their ability to work with others, reflect on their teaching/learning, to provide documentation on teaching skills and how they integrate the knowledge of content into their teaching practices and to help set professional goals for the practicum (field) experiences.  (2) The portfolio will provide information for the Education Department for programmatic evaluation.

Every portfolio must contain the following items:

  1. Documentation of Standards – students will provide documentation of individual development based on the Doane University Teacher Education Standards.  Each standard will be documented by the end of Education 341.
  2. Portfolio Artifacts – Students will select assignments/projects or develop reflections that serve as evidence of their progress toward the Doane University Teacher Education Standards. 
  3. Reflective Statements – Students will provide a cover page for each artifact that is included in the portfolio.  The purpose of the cover page is to explain how the artifact fits within the selected standard and how the student perceives his/her develop in that standard.   Goals may be set from this reflective statement.

Portfolio Assessment:

Each student at the end of each semester presents their portfolio to the director of portfolio development.  In the last semester of 341, students present their portfolio to EDL (principal certification) candidates.   

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