College of Education - Mission Statement

10 Doane Education Standards

1) Understands Content The developing professional understands content knowledge of the discipline(s).
2) Understands Development The developing professional understands how children learn and develop, and provide opportunities supporting intellectual, social, and personal growth.
3) Understands Differences The developing professional recognizes and provides for individual differences and diversity.
4) Designs Instructional Strategies The developing professional uses a variety of instructional strategies to encourage student's development of skills and strategies for critical thinking and problem solving.
5) Manages and Motivates The developing professional creates a positive learning environment utilizing motivational strategies and classroom management.
6) Communicates The developing professional applies knowledge of effective communication techniques.
7) Plans The developing professional utilizes effective planning techniques.
8) Assesses The developing professional understands the assessment processes.
9) Reflects on Practice and Teacher Preparation The developing professional is a reflective practitioner who actively seeks out opportunities to grow professionally.
10) Participates in the Professional Community The developing professional fosters relationships with school colleagues, families, and agencies in the larger community to support students' learning and well being.


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