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Students are recommended for certification when the College of Education requirements are met.


  • GPA requirements:
    • Cumulative GPA in all courses of 3.00
    • Cumlative GPA in education courses of 3.00
    • Cumlative GPA in major courses of 2.80
  • Satisfactory Recommendations from:
    • Cooperating teachers of student teaching
    • Supervisors of student teaching
  • Successful completion of student teaching experience
  • Completion of the 12 graduate credits in the summer following graduation successfully


  • To receive licensure from the Nebraska State Department of Education students must take and pass the required content(s) for one's endorsement area.
  • Completion of the Doane Teacher Education Program is not a guarantee of obtaining certification to teach in any state.  The state granting certification makes the final determination on awarding a teaching certificate to an applicant.

Admission and Appeals

The student has the right of an appeal to any of the decisions and can request a personal review to seek changes of the decisions.
The procedure is as follows:

  • The student meets for a personal interview with the Dean of College of Education.
  • A date is set for the Teacher Education Committee to meet as a whole for reconsideration.
  • The student has a personal appearance before the Committee, with another faculty member as consul if desired, for the purpose of presenting additonal data and answering questions prior to Committee vote.