There’s a reason we’re known for teaching future teachers.

And not just any teachers. Our College of Education produces educators who move the field forward through their work in the classroom, in curriculum and in their cohorts as they achieve more through Doane.

Our program takes educators throughout the entire arc of teacher education, from their bachelor’s to their master’s to their doctorate—with certifications and endorsements along the way.

Undergraduate studies

Steeped in the same liberal arts tradition as all of our academic programs on the residential Crete campus, our students learn how to think critically. Solve problems. Research and lead in their field. And, most importantly, always keep learning. They apply everything they learn in our classrooms and practicum to their own classrooms and students during their immersive student teaching experience.

Graduate studies

Learn to lead through earning your next degree. Our two masters’ programs—the Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction or the Master of Education in Educational Leadership—position you for career advancement and personal growth. Informed by best practices and research, our masters’ tracks will enhance your teaching repertoire, whether you’re teaching students or your peers. You can also gain the following endorsements: Early Childhood, Reading Specialist and Special Education.

The Initial Certification at the Advanced Level, a fast-track endorsement program for perspective 7-12 teachers can be completed in just four terms.

In addition, the Education Specialist program prepares you for school district-level jobs beyond principalships.

Masters of Counseling in School Counseling provides instruction in school counseling through a variety of coursework, practicum and internships leading toward your degree.

The Doctorate of Education, a practitioner’s program, assists you in applying research skills to your educational environment.

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