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Requirements for the Coaching Endorsement

1.  PED 106, 221, 345 (or 346)
2.  A minimum of four of the following courses:  PED 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, 314.
3.  A teaching major.
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Additional Features of the Teacher Education Program

Field Experience/Student Teaching

At Doane, pre-service teachers complete approximately 300 hours of practicum experience with K-12 students prior to student teaching.

  • Students begin working in classroom settings during their first year 
  • Student assisting continues during the sophomore and junior years
  • Full-time student teaching occurs during the senior year (ranging from 14 weeks for one endorsement to a maximum of 24 weeks for two endorsements)

Teacher Warranty

Doane was the FIRST college/university in the nation to offer a warranty of its teacher education graduates to hiring school districts. The college will provide free training for its new teachers as necessary at no cost to the school district or Doane graduate.

Guaranteed Placement

Doane University GUARANTEES its teacher education students employment following graduation in the education field.

Master of Education Degree

Following graduation in the teacher education program, all students extend their training in a summer semester of graduate work

  • 12 credit hours of graduate work
  • Graduate classes give Doane students an advantage over other college graduates in credits toward a master's degree
  • Site-based, the MED is offered at numerous locations in Nebraska, allowing our students to finish their graduate degree with ease. 

First-Year Mentoring

For many years, Doane has provided mentoring for its first-year teachers. An experienced teacher in the school works closely with new Doane
teachers to help with this transition. Doane faculty also work with the new teachers, providing support and expertise.



Requirements for the Coaching Endorsement:

1.  PED 106, 221, 345 (or 346).

2.  A minimum of four of the following courses:  PED 308, 309, 310, 311, 312, or 314.

3.  A teaching major.


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HHP 106 - Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, First Aid, and First Responder (2)
HHP 221 - Fundamentals in Athletic Training (2)
HHP 330 - Principles of Strength and Conditioning (3)
HHP 335 - Coaching Principles and Philosophy (3)
HHP 308 - Coaching Basketball (2)
HHP 309 - Coaching Volleyball (2)
HHP 310 - Coaching Track and Field (2)
HHP 311 - Coaching Football and Wrestling (2)
HHP 312 - Coaching Tennis and Golf (2)
HHP 314 - Coaching Baseball and Softball (2)
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