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Carol Timson Waszak (2004)

Carol Timson Waszak photo

Carol (pictured with her husband Jim) graduated from Kickapoo High School in Springfield, Missouri, and came to Doane during the first operational year of the Lied Science and Mathematics Building.  She was initially attracted to Doane by the opportunity to play collegiate soccer, which was still a young sport at Doane, the Dual Degree Engineering Program, and the beautiful campus.

Mathematics and solving problems in general were always favorite activities for Carol. She enjoyed and continues to enjoy learning how things work. In high school, physics was her hardest science class, so she decided to meet the challenge by pursuing a major in physics.  She sees physics as the basis for engineering, and found that it gave her the right skill set for success in engineering school.  

Carol experienced many memorable events while at Doane.  Here in her words are just a few:

"I met my husband at Doane.  The physics Olympics was a memorable event.  And also that summer working in the lab was very memorable.  One of the more memorable events within the physics department was the project that we worked on in PC's (professor Plano Clark) class to estimate the travel path of a rocket.  This was a very frustrating project but at the same time was a great learning experience.  We spent so much time trying to calculate the travel path of the rocket in the end we were able to go out in the field and shoot the rocket off and find out that we did not calculate it right.  This has taught me that there is a lot of uncertainty in everything that we do as engineers.  I also think working on this project brought us closer together as a class (since the same group of people were in all of the physics classes together) and helped build relationships. "

Carol went to Washington University, as a dual degree student, to complete her mechanical engineering degree.  After graduation, she participated in a co-op (paid internship) experience at Omaha Public Power District at the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant.  During that experience she worked in the Reactor Performance Analysis Department.  OPPD was impressed with her work, so after her co-op experience was completed, she was hired as a contract engineer and eventually became a full-time OPPD employee.  During her time with the OPPD Projects Department  she has worked on the Condenser Replacement Project, the Moisture Separator Refurbishment Project, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Generic Safety Issue 191 project, and the Containment Sump Strainer project all for the Ft. Calhoun plant.  

Carol believes the physics program provided some essential help for her career.

"The class sizes at Doane are small so this allowed me to have a lot of interaction with my instructors.  Having this one-on-one relationship helped me build confidence in myself.  I was able to ask either of the physics instructors any questions I had and they were always willing to help.  The physics instructors also pushed me to achieve more and to do better."

What is Carol up to now?

She lives in Omaha, NE with her three children and husband Jim, and she works as Supervisor of the Reactor Performance Analysis Department at the Ft. Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant. In her spare time, Carol runs her kids to sporting events and other activities. And she is also Cubmaster of her son's Cubscout Pack 549.