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Business Administration

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Business Administration Degree in Nebraska

Now, more than ever, the world demands business professionals who are not only good at what they do, but who conduct themselves ethically and can make decisions in turbulent business environments. If you’re looking for colleges in Nebraska that offer quality business administration courses, consider Doane University for these reasons:

1) The business administration program is well-rounded and challenging: Doane's Business Administration degree opens doors to many different career paths. Recent graduates are employed in advertising agencies, the banking industry, state and federal government, Fortune 500 businesses and small, privately-held companies. In addition, graduates have started their own for-profit and not-for-profit businesses.

2) Students learn through application-based coursework: Whether it is writing a marketing plan, evaluating a stock portfolio, running a business through an online simulation or completing an internship course in the business department, your coursework models reality.

3) We teach life skills: Our program is committed to teaching students how to think and make decisions, preparing students for today's ever-changing, highly-competitive business environment.

4) Students interact with business professionals: A distinguishing feature of Doane's business program is the opportunity for students to meet business leaders who hire our graduates. Within the last year, Doane students interacted with leaders, in the classroom and on-site, from Spreetail, Hudl, US Bank, Gallup, Sherwin-Williams, Firespring, Crete Carrier, Enterprise, KidGlov, and Cabelas, to name a few.

5) You will be taught by faculty with notable professional experience: Our faculty is diverse, bringing our industry experiences to the classroom. Members of the business faculty:

  • Managed a multi-state financial services program for the largest privately held bank in the United States
  • Owned an expert witness and financial services consulting firm
  • Worked for the #1 ranked corporation of Fortune 500 companies
  • Managed a full-service marketing department for 12 years
  • Worked as an Executive Human Resource Manager for 17 years in various industries

6) Students are our top priority: As soon as you step on campus, you will know that you matter. We will know your name, what is important to you, and what you dream of doing. We will work side-by-side to help you accomplish your educational goals. Words that describe the business faculty include: available, challenging, engaging, enthusiastic, caring, helpful, and passionate.

This major provides a well-rounded education and prepares you for a variety of careers in business by helping develop:

  • critical thinking
  • problem identification
  • problem solving
  • communication
  • teamwork skills

Business administration majors will be able to demonstrate their abilities to anticipate, understand and adapt to change as it affects the diverse business world. Our business administration courses will significantly enhance their career opportunities beyond competitors without a business administration degree.



Learning Environment

While there is a common dedication to rigor in the business curriculum, there is a willingness to help you in any way we can. 

It is common to see students seeking information in faculty offices and department hallways. We are proud of our open environment where you feel comfortable with the professors. 


You can participate in month-long or semester-long internships, gaining hands-on work experience for college credit. 

In the Classroom

We strive to find ways to bring relevant applications into our courses. 

Guest speakers, computerized simulations, case studies and community service projects are just some of the ways you’ll learn to appreciate the usefulness of the program.

What Our Students Say

Every year, seniors graduating with a degree from the Division of Economics and Business, evaluate the program and the faculty. 

Results are compared to peer institutions, as well as the population of respondent institutions. Year after year, graduating students tell us that the faculty in the Division:

  • Are exceptional academic advisors who are available, helpful and show an interest in student progress
  • Are accessible and responsive outside the classroom
  • Provide opportunities for students to enhance their teamwork abilities and presentation skills

A review of the business administration program noted the faculty’s use of innovative teaching methods and overall concern about student success.


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Requirements for the Business Administration Major:

Crete campus students complete 12 additional credits of 300/400-level Electives

These electives must be Business or Economics courses with at least 3 of those credits at the BUS 400 level (excluding BUS 421 and all 400-level ECO prefixed courses).


Only two 300-level Economics courses may be used toward the 12 additional credits required for the Business Administration major.

Lincoln/Grand Island/Omaha/Online students complete one emphasis chosen from the following:

College of Business Residency Requirement

These courses must be completed through the College of Business at Doane University.
Six business credits

No more than 48 credits of BUS courses may apply toward graduation.