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Brett Barwick (2002)


Brett graduated from Cook County High School in Grand Marais, MN. He began college at a school in Minnesota but decided he needed a different environment. Friends at Doane who really liked it convinced him to transfer.

Brett remembers always enjoying building things and doing experiments in his household laboratory, so when he got to Doane engineering was a natural career to pursue. He really enjoyed physics at Doane and was convinced by Professor Plano Clark that he could be successful, so he decided to go to grad school in physics at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln after graduating from Doane in 2002.

"When I got to grad school at UNL I really found that I loved doing physics research and decided to go the academic route".

He received a Ph.D. in 2007 and then worked for three years as a post-doctoral researcher in Nobel prize winner Prof. Ahmed Zewail's group at Caltech. Now he is Assistant Professor of Physics at Trinity College in Hartford, CT.

Brett remembers the Doane physics program as being very supportive.

"Whenever I had a question I could always find a professor. As students, we always studied together and that really helped me get the background in physics that helped me be successful."

One of his most memorable experiences at Doane was going to Greece for one of the January interterm experiences.
"It was a lot of fun and really opened my eyes to how big the world is."

What's Brett up to now?

"Currently I am teaching and doing research at Trinity College. Trinity is a relatively small liberal arts school like Doane, so the type of students we get are very familiar to me. My research is based around testing fundamental quantum mechanics with femtosecond lasers."