VIDEO: Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with Dr. Burks

VIDEO: Prepare for the zombie apocalypse with Dr. Burks
Lucas Fahrer | OSC content and media developer

By Lucas Fahrer | OSC content and media developer

It started with “Sci Pop Talks,” an ongoing speaker series blending science with pop culture that features faculty from Doane and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

And a YouTube video, with nearly 6,000 views and counting.


And then stories on CNet and NBC News followed.

Dr. Raychelle Burks, a visiting post-doctoral fellow in the Doane chemistry department, is making a splash with her survival tip for the zombie apocalypse: Eau de Death.

The first of the three Doane professors to appear in the series, Burks examined how learning chemistry could play into surviving the hypothetical disaster March 5 at UNL’s Love Library. Burks said that understanding the biological and chemical make-up of zombies would help the living from becoming the living dead, and she proposed concocting Eau de Death, a protective cologne, as a means of survival. Apparently, it's turned a few heads.

"Sci Pop Talks" has featured one other Doane professor; Dr. Ramesh Laungani, biology department chairman and professor, who discussed mind control in the award-winning film "Inception" on March 19. Assistant Professor Dr. Kristopher Williams, part of Doane's mathematics department, will talk about decision-making in the hit AMC TV show "Breaking Bad" during his session on April 16.

Stay tuned for a full story on Burks to appear in our news feed.

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