The Exit Interview: Hannah Bauer '15

The Exit Interview: Hannah Bauer '15

The Exit Interview: Hannah Bauer '15
Emily Hallstrom '16

By Emily Hallstrom '16

20150506-HannahBauer.jpgDoane students have a knack for finding their path through the myriad of activities and classes they're involved in, so student blogger Emily Hallstrom '16 is sitting down with members of the Class of 2015 to ask them five questions—call it their "The Exit Interview."

Name: Hannah Bauer

Hometown: Fairbury

Majors: Journalism and philosophy

Activities: Editor-in-chief of 1014 Magazine; editor for The Doane Owl's Life and Leisure section; secretary and member of Omega Psi Theta sorority; member of Omicron Delta Kappa, a national leadership honor society; intern with Cornerstone Print & Marketing in Lincoln.

Emily Hallstrom: What are your plans for after graduation?

Hannah Bauer: I will start full-time at Cornerstone Print & Marketing, which, effective June 1, is going to be under the name Firespring. We’ve acquired two agencies in Lincoln, Snitily Carr and 42. We’ll be operating under the name Firespring after the merger; with the addition, we’ll have more of an ad agency component as well. It’s really exciting. We’re going to have over 200 people so it will be a huge overall company with a ton of different services.

I’m going to basically be doing what I’ve already been doing.  My title was marketing specialist, but that might change with the merger. I do a lot of copywriting, so I write copy for our printed pieces, I write blog posts for our blog, I do the social media, all of that. My job is basically writing and coordination-based. Lately, I’ve been working on a lot of stuff for the rebranding.  

EH: How did you get this opportunity?

HB: I heard about this job through Lyndsey Hrabik '13. She was editor-in-chief of the magazine while she went to Doane.  She knew my (current) boss and told me about the internship when she knew they were hiring.  

EH: What faculty members have played an important role in getting you here?

HB: I think the journalism department played a huge role. It’s a journalism and media internship. I think just the ability I picked up in the journalism department to learn on the fly helped me in this job. I don’t have any formal marketing training, but I learned writing skills that carried over. I also learned to take initiative and take things on. I think a big part of success is doing things you don’t necessarily know how to do and doing your best. With the journalism department, you’re often thrown into things like that, so I was ready to do something I didn’t really know how to do and it’s worked out. I think I owe a lot of that to the department.

EH: Where do you want to take this opportunity long-term?

HB: Cornerstone is a great business to grow in; there’s a great opportunity for expansion in jobs. The interesting work created a thirst for me to stay in this field as an occupation, not just for a required internship. I look forward to being able to work my way up into different positions.

EH: How did Doane prepare you for this opportunity in and out of the classroom?

HB: Like I said, the journalism department set me up to be able to handle a work situation like this. I have also had the experience and opportunity to work with a lot of different people at Doane. A lot of what I do deals with working with other people, and Doane helped prepare me to work in situations like that.