Senior Standouts: Kelsey Christensen '15

Senior Standouts: Kelsey Christensen '15

Senior Standouts: Kelsey Christensen '15
Erin Bell '15

By Erin Bell '15

K Christensen

When Kelsey Christensen ’15 came to Doane, she didn’t have a planner.

It wasn’t considered “cool” in high school.

But she quickly realized between running cross country and track, participating in Gamma Phi Iota sorority, staying caught up with her biochemistry major and finding time for all of her other activities at Doane, she needed to stay organized.

“Now I literally plan everything out by the hour that I am going to do it so I can allocate enough time for my meetings, my volunteering, my work study job,” Christensen said. “You kind of have to plan everything out so you can fit everything in and still get the sleep that you need.”

The Seward native first considered Doane when Dave Ziola, Doane’s assistant cross country coach, approached her after she had finished a high school meet. He shook her hand and offered her a scholarship to run at Doane.

“I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll look into it,’” she said.

But after her campus visit, she fell in love.

“They treated me great, and my grandma was also urging me to go here because they had such a great science program and I would have a lot of great opportunities,” she said.

Her parents also received their masters’ degrees from Doane, so she knew it was a good school.

Christensen became interested in science – specifically medication – when she was young. Her grandfather, uncle and cousin have diabetes, so Christensen saw them using insulin shots often.

K Christensen

Coming to Doane made her realize she wanted to be a pharmacist.

“I job shadowed a lot at Ken’s Pharmacy here, I job shadowed at Crete Area Medical Center and I also volunteer there every week,” she said. “So I got to know what it was really about and it helped push me in the right direction. From there it’s just grown.”

Christensen will be attending the University of Nebraska Medical Center in the fall to get further training.

Despite her success at Doane and getting into UNMC, college was an adjustment. She didn’t have to study much in high school, but that changed when she came to Doane.

“It was a rude awakening, I guess, to know that you have to study for classes and you have to study a lot. And I didn’t have my first class till 11 o’clock. So I would sleep until 11, and soon I realized that didn’t allow me enough time to do my homework and everything,” she said. “So after getting my first test grade – and it wasn’t the greatest, it was almost a failing grade – I kind of had to force myself to re-evaluate things and figure out what I was doing wrong. I’ve kind of developed self-discipline.”

She’s also developed relationships, which is her favorite part about her Doane experience.

Christensen said she liked that she knows most people on campus and that she is able to smile and say “Hi” to people as she walks between buildings.

“I’ve really enjoyed having great teammates, great coaches that help you out with anything, great friends in my sorority as well, having such a close relationship with professors, which I don’t think you could have at a bigger college,” Christensen said. “The close community and (opportunity to) create those relationships will last the rest of my life.”