Senior Standouts: Bret Pospisil '15

Senior Standouts: Bret Pospisil '15

Senior Standouts: Bret Pospisil '15
Alyssa Bouc '15

By Alyssa Bouc '15

Bret PospisilThroughout his entire life, Bret Pospisil ’15 was likely to be found at a computer.

A Malmo native and Bishop Neumann High School graduate, Pospisil came to Doane originally to play basketball, but throughout the process found his true niche.

“Growing up my whole life, I’ve been really interested in technology and computers and things like that. I’ve always liked to stay up to date with the latest software and technology,” he said. “I spent a lot of time on the computer in high school downloading music.”

He decided to pursue a major in information systems his sophomore year.

“When I came to college, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” Pospisil said. “So when I found information systems my sophomore year it tied together business and computers and so I put those two together and thought it was a great fit.”

Pospisil said when he first came to Doane, his main focus was playing basketball and school work. After playing basketball for two years, he was ready to focus on the next step for his future.

The information systems major requires its students to have an internship at some point during their college experience, so Pospisil made interning a priority during his junior year. He was introduced to Sandhills Publishing in Lincoln by a few of his friends who work in its sales department.

“They said it was great pay and offered great opportunities to work full-time after (internships),” he said. “I had a leg up on the interview process and was able to get the job.”

He began using everything he'd learned at Doane and picked up new skills at Sandhills.

Pospisil started the internship in May 2014 working 40 hours per week, and has continued to work there during the school year, still putting in around 22 hours per week.

On the job, he works on the internal systems of the organization. He said there are people who work on the external websites where people outside the organization visit, like, but his job involves the internal websites that employees use to get their work done.

A typical day at Sandhills for him includes web development, creating websites, and adding features to web pages. And he loves it.

“For someone who would walk in there, they might think it is an uptight atmosphere because everyone has to wear suits,” he said. “The atmosphere is different because there aren’t cubicles, it is a bunch of desks lined up and everyone is in their own desk. For me, that’s a cool atmosphere because I get to collaborate with my co-workers.”

In addition to the atmosphere, Pospisil said he enjoyed Sandhills because interns get to work alongside senior developers and managers and feel included in the success of the company.

“I really do enjoy going to work. I love what I’m doing there right now, and it’s cool because they put you on these big projects and you feel like you are making a meaningful contribution toward the actual company.”

Pospisil said he was well prepared for the internship because of his experiences at Doane. He said his classes with professors Alec Engebretson and Mark Meysenburg taught him the fundamentals of programming.

Pospisil’s experience at Sandhills resulted in him receiving a full-time position with the company, which he will begin once he graduates in May. He's all in.

“I see myself there for at least three to five years,” he said, “but if I move into a higher position, perhaps more than that.”