Meet Teri and Sarah

Meet Teri and Sarah

Meet Teri and Sarah
Cassandra Kennedy '16

By Cassandra Kennedy '16

In the 1970's, Doane was populated from a diverse amount of states across the country. Student came from Boston, Chicago, and like Teri Shestak, '76, Connecticut.

Teri's mom grew up in Crete, so she knew of the area where Doane was. She also knew that Doane had a reputation of an excellent education program and she wanted to be a teacher, so Doane was a perfect fit.

Teri Shestak met with Tiger on Tour Taylor Wehrs to chat about her Doane experience.

Throughout her time at Doane, Teri played field hockey for the one year it was at the school, managed the volleyball team and was very active in the Gamma Phi Iota sorority.

Doane proved to be successful for Teri's teaching career, giving her 40 years of teaching and she continues on, moving back to Crete where she's been teaching for 22 years.

Teri said Doane prepared her well for the classroom, but also turned her into the person she is today. She grew a lot through the independence of moving so far from home, something Sarah Brown, '79, can also relate to.

Sarah came from New York to Doane, deciding to go here because both her mother and sister went to the school. Sarah's original goal with her education was to become a police officer after graduation, so she got her degrees in Sociology and English Language Arts.

Sarah, like Teri, was very involved at Doane. She was also in the Gamma Phi Iota sorority, she played intramural sports, was on the Student Activities Council and served as the Doane Owl Editor throughout her time at Doane.

Sarah Brown meets with Tiger on Tour Taylor Wehrs, visiting Doane to talk about her time with the school.

While she was active in college, Sarah was certainly active out of college. She was a social worker for the Department of Health right after graduation, where she worked directly with family planning to educate people on immunization. Then she worked as a dental assistant for a few years while she was at the Law Enforcement Academy to become a Police Officer. After that she went back to Doane to get a Master's in English and Language Arts Education. From there, Sarah has taught for 26 years in various places, still teaching out of Wilbur-Clatonia.

Additionally, while she was teaching she also stayed on the police force for 10 years. She's stayed active in many organizations outside of the workforce, such as the Nebraska Student Education Association.

Through this organization, she is able to witness Doane's excellence in education program and is proud to have graduated from a school with such caliber. Teri Shestak sees this as well, having had many Doane students in her classroom over the years.

Moving so far away is tough for anyone, but these two women really took the Doane opportunity and ran with it, making Doane their home away from home.