Doane SWE in DC: A grand finale

Doane SWE in DC: A grand finale

Doane SWE in DC: A grand finale
Chance Busey

By Chance Busey


In 2015, Doane University's Music Department found out it'd be sending the Symphonic Wind Ensemble to Washington D.C.'s Kennedy Center for its John Philip Sousa Festival this spring. 

Now, as Doane's signature band heads to the nation's capital for one of its biggest performances, we're glad to have senior Chance Busey '16 share his thoughts on and experiences from the trip here on the Doane Blog. 

Here's his first installment! 

-Lucas Fahrer ’11, Doane Blog Editor

Hi! I’m Chance Busey '16, a senior journalism and media major and music minor from Gig Harbor, Washington. I play the saxophone for the Doane University Symphonic Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble and was also the drum major for our pep band last year.

My first year, I had the privilege to travel with Doane's band on a trip to Washington, D.C.  I remember it being a wonderful experience, but at the time, one I wasn't completely ready to soak in. I recall posting on Facebook: “D.C. is like Disneyland… for mature people… I am not a mature person.”

Three years later, when I got the email saying SWE was selected to be part of the John Philip Sousa Festival at the Kennedy Center, I was ecstatic! I remember reading the email and hurriedly telling my mom the exciting news.

Our SWE tour this year is unique for several reasons: We’re only playing just one concert, and usually we play a couple concerts per day at schools along the way to our ultimate destination. Personally, it’s my senior year and my last tour with SWE. Best of all, we’re opening the festival at the Kennedy Center! (The Kennedy Center.)

I cannot think of a better way to end my collegiate music career than representing Doane at a national festival like this. SWE is representing the same school that last year took down the No. 1 football team (Morningside). The same school that successfully counter-protested the Westboro Baptist Church. The same school that produces an insane amount of Fulbright Program scholars. And the same school that has the best per-capita Relay for Life fundraising in the nation.

It took a while, but I have grown to love Doane and will be sad when my time is over, but for now I look forward to my final experience on SWE tour, which we left for yesterday.

(Courtesy photo/Doane College Music Department) The Symphonic Wind Ensemble loads the bus for its trip to Washington D.C.

The tour will include a free day in D.C. for us tomorrow (Friday, April 1), a clinic with Col. Arnald Gabriel on Saturday and our performance at the Kennedy Center 2 p.m. Sunday, April 3. Then, of course, the long trek back to Crete when seniors like me have the opportunity to speak to the band about what SWE has meant to them during their time at Doane.

I'm looking forward to sharing my thoughts on this experience and SWE then and over the next few days on the Doane Blog, so stay tuned! I also have the keys to the Doane Music Twitter page and will be sending out updates several times per day.

Thanks for reading.