From the President


This MLK Day, Dr. Carter is talking about a different way to take action. Just listen.

A recent report from the Council of Independent Colleges shows liberal arts and sciences colleges are just as capable - if not better - at producing students in STEM field studies.

We're already doing that right here, at Doane.

Read a transcript of Doane University President Jacque Carter's speech, entitled "Seeking the Better Angels of our Nature," from the Crete campus's 2015-16 Convocation ceremonies Aug. 27 in Heckman Auditorium.

Doane's Commencement ceremonies serve as a reminder that a college degree is so much more than a purchased commodity. It's an embodiment of everything they've learned and how they will go forth to enrich their lives and others'.

Earth Day provides all of us—students, faculty and staff—with an opportunity to do our part to keep our planet healthy.

As the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday draws near, it brings with it a time for reflection at Doane University. There is still much to be accomplished.

A recent Gallup-Purdue Index Report shows the effect of dynamic faculty connecting with students personally in college classrooms. The payoff for students is greater engagement in their careers after college.

At Doane, we put high-quality faculty in intimate learning environments where there is a genuine, difference-making bond between professor and learner. It's just another reason why we are the College of get a great job.

Here, in our 300-acre haven in Crete, is a living, breathing reminder of why we teach the liberal arts and sciences.

And today, I'm signing on the dotted line to make sure sustainability is part of our institutional goals and culture.