An Interview with Al Moore

An Interview with Al Moore

An Interview with Al Moore
Cassandra Kennedy '16

By Cassandra Kennedy '16

To love playing a sport is much more than to love the game itself.

It's to love the discipline of it.

It's to love the teamwork required of it.

It's to love facing new challenges and overcoming them within it.

Playing a sport teaches a person much more than how to use his physical strength, it teaches him how to use those skills beyond the field.

For Al Moore, '73, playing football for Doane taught him all these things and more.

Al came from Omaha, Nebraska in a high school that was all white, so when he came to Doane and learned to be teammates with students of color, he learned much more than the right plays to make. He said it was an eye-opening time for him to witness how color-blind coach Al Papik was, a trait he hoped to learn from.

Even in his studies, Al's understanding of the world was challenged. As a psychology major and sociology minor, he took many classes by a professor who was from the Middle East, who thought completely different than him. The professor would have him over for dinner with his family and Al found that relationship so personable and fascinating.

Though he didn't end up going into psychology, the background he received with his education and athletic opportunities in Doane led Al to success in the business world.

As an investment consultant, he has to be able to talk and relate to people of many different backgrounds to let them feel comfortable in trusting him. This is a skill he thanks Doane for, though it took him awhile to really realize how that liberal arts education affected him.

He took art and music appreciation classes in college that he swore he would never use again, but then he'd sit down and talk with a client and realize he could find common ground on these things because of those courses he took.

Among the learning experience from the classroom and the diversity on campus, Al also loved the beauty of the arboretum surrounding Doane and hopes that never leaves the campus.

As Al continues his time at Smith Hayes, where he served as president for many years, he has also taken up being on the board of trustees for Doane. He's excited to take part in this position and hopes to see Doane's diversity continue to grow in all directions.