7 Last-minute tips for Move-In Day

7 Last-minute tips for Move-In Day

7 Last-minute tips for Move-In Day
Emily Hallstrom '16

By Emily Hallstrom '16

Emily HallstromEditor's note: Our summer intern in the Office of Strategic Communications is a double major, the advertising manager for The Doane Owl campus newspaper and a member of the Gamma Phi Iota sorority. Basically, Emily Hallstrom '16 (left) knows what it takes to be successful at Doane. Here is the first installment in her series of tips. - Lucas Fahrer, Doane Blog editor

This is what you want your face to look like on Move-In Day.

 Moving In

A happy camper moving into Sheldon Hall on Move-In Day 2013.

Because packing can be a pain, especially when it comes to moving into a college dorm room.  Whether it’s your first time as a freshman or your last as a senior, these tricks can help alleviate the stress-induced headache that comes with Move-In Day.

1. Utilize any and every available space. Condense the amount of loads you’ll have to move in by packing smaller items in bigger items. Pack your clothes into those Tupperware drawers you wanted to bring. Stuff your backpack with your school supplies. Throw your towels in your mini fridge.  Whatever works!

2. Pack backwards.  Prioritize what you’ll need right away and what you can unpack later then pack accordingly.  Pack your bedding, clothes and other necessities at the top. After moving in, you’ll want clothes and shower stuff easily accessible.

Moving In3. Trash bags are handy. As long as you don’t get them mixed up with the actual trash, trash bags can be an easy solution to carry things that aren’t otherwise easily packable. Do you need a better system for moving in your hanging clothes? Cut a hole in the bottom of a bag and slip it over a group of shirts, with the tops of the hangers coming out of the hole. Tie the bottom of the bag off and your clothes are ready to be moved in!  

4. Label your stuff.  Before you even get to school, label your important belongings so they can’t get mixed in with other people’s.  DVDs are a commonly borrowed item between college students, so make sure you mark your favorite flicks. 

5. Know where you’re living.  Have a good understanding of the size and set-up of your room.  Come in on moving day with a game plan of how you want to set up your room so you can have a plan to work by.  With such minimal space in dorm rooms, plans can help you use the space most effectively.

6. Know your roommate(s).  If you make it a point to get to know the person you’ll be living with before the school year, you can avoid any potential awkwardness while coordinating what each other can contribute to the room.  You’ll need to know who has the mini fridge and who has the last five seasons of your favorite show on DVD.  That way you’ll have the necessities and you won’t double up on anything in your room. 

7. Avoid rush hour.  The last thing you want to do is carry a futon up three flights of stairs while everybody else is shuffling in and out.  Try to strategize a time to move in either before or after the rush to make your move-in experience as painless as possible.