Alumni Spotlight


In the list of pros and cons of a liberal arts education, getting to study things outside your major falls into both.

In 1997 Marty Hughes, '82, bought a kayak off of Ebay that would change his life.

To love playing a sport is much more than to love the game itself.

It's to love the discipline of it.

It's to love the teamwork required of it.

In the 1970's, Doane was populated from a diverse amount of states across the country. Student came from Boston, Chicago, and like Teri Shestak, '76, Connecticut.

If having two sets of twins, two years apart, doesn't keep you busy, than owning your own business on top of that certainly does.

There's a reason Doane is listed in the top ten college arboretums in the United States, and anyone who visits campus understands.

Michael Barnes, '91, was going to leave Doane after his freshman year but realized that if he could make it at Doane, he could make it anywhere.

Susan Dunn, '78, graduated from Doane with a real life Liberal Arts Degree.

Doane has come a long way in its study abroad programs, traveling to many countries in Europe, Asia and Australia.

There is a reason the new indoor track facility at Doane is named the Fred Beile Arena.