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Assessment in Canvas



Canvas Assessment Guides for Doane Core (FAK, LAR) Courses

Several user guides are available for faculty to setup courses for assessment in the Doane Core.

You should have an email with more details on course requirements in the Doane Core. The FAK and LAR rubrics are also available. The following guides will show you how to setup courses in Foundational Area of Knowledges or LAR courses for assessment data collection. 

  1. Creating Assignments: PDF, Video  
  2. Attach Rubrics: PDF, Video  
  3. (Not advised) Attach outcomes if you already have created rubrics on an assignment. You will need the FAK and LAR rubrics to ensure you attach all the correct outcomes. : Video Password: iV$bZ81c
  4. Enter Information (Assess Assignments): PDFVideo
 Faculty Mini-Session on Canvas Assessment from August, 2020. Passcode: sP0.kMbD

 If you have any questions regarding assessment, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (

Course Assessment

You can track course learning outcomes for individual sections in your course on your own. 

  1. Enable the Learning Mastery Gradebook by going to your course, then click on Settings, then Feature Options and turning the Learning Mastery Gradebook to on. (See the third image on this page).
  2. Create Outcomes
  3. Creating Assignments: PDFVideo  
  4. Add an outcome to the assignment.
  5. Enter Information (Assess Assignments): PDFVideo
  6. View Outcome Results in Canvas

Program Assessment

To use Canvas for Program Assessment, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness ( 

Using Canvas

For more in-depth information about Canvas in general, please see the Canvas Training Pages.

What is LiveText?

LiveText is an electronic data management system that will provide students and faculty a variety of benefits:

  1. Unlimited digital archive and file manager
  2. Easy system for preparing unlimited electronic portfolios
  3. A system for faculty to collect and assess assignments, provide specific feedback in a timely manner and evaluate student learning across the university to improve the Doane education for all students
Students will obtain a LiveText license when they begin their career at Doane. The license is valid for five years and can be renewed after that time. Faculty teaching courses at Doane University can have access to LiveText for portfolio development and student assessment.


Using LiveText

In order to use LiveText, you will need to contact Jenei Skillet ( in order to request an account. The account is NOT the same as your Doane login.


LiveText User Guides

Several user guides are available for faculty. If you need help using LiveText, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (