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Amazing Outcomes

Amazing Outcomes

An Olympian. An internationally known wildlife photographer. A Fulbright. A college professor. A founder of a venture lending company. A teacher. A biologist and research scientist. A small business owner. A big business owner.

At one point all of the people listed above were you – a high-school student skimming information about some college named Doane.

The Doane experience is more than four years on a campus. We think about your future from the moment you arrive– sometimes before you do. It might be as simple as the professor who asks students to consider a major or a study abroad program that wasn’t on their radar. Or, it can be as complicated as the faculty member who nudges a student to complete the yearlong Fulbright application.

It pays off:

  • Doane University graduates have the 3rd highest salaries among grads from four-year colleges in Nebraska, according to PayScale's 2017-18 College Salary Report. The median salary for Doane alums with 10+ years of experience is $85,200.
  • We have the second-highest four-year graduation rate of all Nebraska colleges and universities (which beats the national average by two full years.)
  • Doane students have a high acceptance rate into medical schools.
  • They win internships that lead to their ideal job and jobs they hadn’t dreamed of yet.
  • In recent years our students made their way to Broadway, the White House, the Panama Canal, the Minnesota Vikings headquarters…and many other sites and forms of success.