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Photo of Doane University President Jacque Carter

From the President

"It’s springtime and enterprise is in the air at Doane."

Alumni, faculty, staff and students are demonstrating innovation and engagement with an entrepreneurial gusto this semester.

Great people doing great things.

With our education, students learn that the skills and knowledge they’re picking up can help them act now—and they needn’t wait for anyone to tell them what to do. They’ll ask for some “know-how” along the way, but they have the framework to approach problems critically and creatively to do something different. That spirit lives in our faculty and staff, too, who’ve carved out a leadership role for our soon-to-be university among private and independent institutions of higher education.

Like how the new IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access) student group is at the forefront of finding new ways to make our Crete campus a more inclusive place. These student leaders—still only sophomores—have the confidence and wherewithal to have public race conversations and make it a part of our students’ daily consciousness. Their sheer conviction is inspiring to me, and I want to work with IDEA to strengthen our community. Let’s build on our current race dialogue, with speakers and workshops, to move the agenda forward. We need minority leadership and we need a cabinet-level officer that binds us together and leads us in equity and inclusion. We want to make sure that all of the plans we make and actions we take support diversity at our institution.

You’ll see more stories of enterprise in our community in this issue of Doane Magazine. A senior who embraced doing what she loves and built a dance community on our Crete campus. The testimonials of alumni whose careers were forever changed in our Master of Arts in Management program because of the work of our inventive faculty. And if that’s not enough, we have three more special online stories—which you can only read at—about minority student research, an inspiring member of Doane Forensics and our partnership with the Food Bank of Lincoln.

It’s our drive, spirit and energy that makes us into an enterprising force, and I’m excited to see what our Tigers do next!