Past Issues

Past issues of the online Doane Magazine will be placed here once a new version is availabe. 

  • Spring 2011 - "Front and Center"
    • The Fine Arts is growing at Doane.  These artists - past and present - compose, conduct, perform with orchestras, manage stages, act in major comedy clubs, tv shows and live theatre.  Its what puts them 'Front and Center' in this edition.
  • Winter 2010 - "Lessons From the Field"
    • Athletics.  It's more than learning to throw, catch, run, jump or hit.  Its a feeling, a strategy, a lesson that carries us to greatness.  Doane athletes discover the lessons that have followed them throughout their careers are the ones they learned 'From the Field'.
  • Spring 2010 - "The Liberal Arts Effect"
    • Change jobs. Change minds. Change the world. In this issue, we look at how the 'Liberal Arts Effect' has impacted people, either as a graduate or on the world around them. What we discover is, its more than a degree.  Its the skills to explore, to challenge, test, think, lead and act, that can take them anywhere.
  • Fall 2009 - "Give and Gain"
    • In this issue, we explore service learning and what it means for our faculty and students.  It probably comes as no surprise that service-learning opportunities continue to grow at Doane, and rightfully so - they support exactly what we hope all of our graduates will do - actively advance the interests of others.
  • Spring 2009 -"Model of Education:
    • Thousands of Doane graduates are leaders in today's schools-teachers, administrators, principals. But it's more than numbers that make our education program a model copied by other institutions. It's the focus on current research, performance-based education and taking risks to stay relevant. It's the feeling that the program and the people behind it care about what students need. It's the impact in classrooms-the stories of our alumni as students and as education leaders.
  • Spring 2008 - "Left Brain Right Field"
    • Theory has it the brain has two modes of thinking.  The left brain is verbal, analytical, sequential; the right visual, intuitive and creative.  They work in tandem and some of us borrow from both.  But chances are that one dominates.  This issue features successful Doane alumni talented left brainers who have found their calling in their right field.
  • Summer 2007 - "Exploring Horizons"
    • In this issue, you'll read about Doane students exploring their horizons by going beyond the classroom. Read stories about interterm trips to Thailand and Africa, catch up on the campus happenings, or the various alumni and sporting events.  All in one beautiful mag.  
  • Winter/Spring 2007 - "Shaping The Future"
    • Find out how Doane's campus is shaping up with new facilities and renovations across campus.  Discover emerging student research that puts Doane on the map to success. A mag like you've never seen before.   
  • Fall 2006 - This issue includes stories such as:  Doane's tradition of Fulbright Scholars; Faculty Profiles, Whale Pod Research; Presidential Inauguration and the 129th Commencement Ceremony.

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