WACO Group Strives to Save Wild Tigers

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Written by: Brooke Burianek '14

The student led Wildlife and WacoConservation Organization (WACO) at Doane was very involved on campus this past school year with efforts that include habitat preservation, climate change initiatives, and fundraising for tiger conservation. The group has also participated in off-campus activities like canoeing down the Niobrara River, camping at the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, and day trips to Hitchcock Nature Center and DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge. WACO has been in existence at Doane since 1996 and was first sponsored by Dr. Todd Georgi.

Vice president of the organization, Ethan Zoerb, said he got started with the organization as a first year student at Doane after his advisor and current sponsor of WACO, since 2001, Dr. Russ Souchek, recruited him to attend a few meetings.  

"I really like trying to help improve our environment and save endangered species. The best part of WACO is the feeling of satisfaction you get when you feel as though you have helped save a tiger," said Zoerb. 



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