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Written by: Brooke Burianek '14

Every aspect of thespain Doane experience is designed to inspire students to challenge themselves.  So it's only natural that Doane is one of the most advanced institutions in the country when it comes to incorporating travel opportunities into the curriculum.  Over half of all Doane students travel in the U.S or abroad before they graduate. Doane not only encourages students to travel and study abroad, but also offers them the money and time they need to make it possible.  A $1,000 travel scholarship is available to all juniors and seniors.  Some students choose to travel during a three-week interterm period, while others wait until classes end in May.

 One of the travel interterm options available this past school year was a two-week excursion to Spain from May 24th to June 5th.  Eleven students signed up for the trip and were accompanied by Doane mathematics professor Jim Johnson and education professor Lyn Forester. The group of students and faculty sponsors saw cathedrals, castles, parks, historical landmarks, monasteries, and museums. 

 Sponsor Lyn Forester said the main purpose of the interterm was to provide students with opportunities to gain an appreciation of people and places other than the U.S.

"I hope students gained a broader world view and better understand the culture of Spain and the social and political issues of that country," said Forester

Students had many different reasons to sign up for the Spain trip, but junior Alex Cape knew it was something that would help her in the future.

"I have never been abroad before and I knew it would be hard to find time after I graduate to go anywhere. I also wanted to minor in Spanish so this was a good way to immerse myself in that culture," explained Cape.  Her favorite part of the two-week trip was the Museo del Prada, the beautiful landscapes, the weather, and the town of Fuengirola, which was right on the beach.

Junior Jordan Pieper said the highlights of the trip for him was seeing things that you don't run across in Crete everyday, like Flamenco dancers in Granada, the Mediterranean Sea in Fuengirola, remains of Christopher Columbus in a cathedral in Sevilla, and even a bullfight in Madrid.

The amazing opportunities for Doane students were not limited to Spain this year. Other travel destinations available were Africa, the Caribbean, Thailand, Peru, and India. There were also two European tour interterm courses that included the countries of Austria, France, Germany, and Holland.



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