2012 Paralympic

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Doane graduate, ParaolympicsNatalie Nelsen '05 Schneider, competed in the 2012 Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball competition in London. Scoring ten points and getting 12 rebounds, Natalie helped lead the USA women's team to a 49-36 victory over Great Britain.

Natalie won a gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China, in 2008, competing with the U.S. Paralympic Women's Wheelchair Basketball Team. She also won first place at Women's Nationals with the Denver Nuggets in 2010 and second place in 2011.

A star athlete at Crete High, Natalie was diagnosed with malignant osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. At age 17, doctors replaced her knee joint with titanium and placed a rod inside her femur in place of the cancerous bone.

Natalie received her Bachelor's degree in math and computer science from Doane University in 2005. Natalie and her husband, Dr. Dan Schneider '03, currently live in Ord, Nebraska.





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