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Academic Opportunities

Academic Opportunities

To move forward in today's complex world, we know you need innovative, interdisciplinary programs that will help you connect the dots between your passions, skills, and imagination. That’s why Doane University’s education is centered around flexible curriculum that changes with the times. With broad-thinking, a passion for exploration and discovery - we focus on skills like leadership and collaboration that come from service learning and travel.

Honors Program

A member of the National Collegiate Honors Council, Doane University offers amazing study-abroad opportunities for a small group of first-year students within the Honors program. The current director of the Honors Program is Dr. Courtney Bruntz.

Hansen Leadership Program

Since 1994, the Hansen Leadership Program has worked to empower students to contribute to a more socially responsible world with authenticity and conviction. The Leadership Program provides inclusive, innovative and transformational leadership and volunteer opportunities for Doane University students. For more information on the Hansen Leadership Program, click here! 


Doane University has an impressive tradition of Fulbright Scholarship Recipients. Fulbright Scholarships are awarded each year to students, teachers and scholars - to study, teach and conduct research on an international scale. For more information about previous Fulbright Scholars, click here.


Think of your internship as a crossroads. You are going to need career-related experiences to build off of your academic work. Doane University helps students navigate internships with tools such as Handshake, Faculty Sponsors and Advice, Alumni Networking events and more! For more information about our Career Center - and Internships, click here.

Transfer Experience or Certificates into College Credit

Students often times underestimate the quantity and value of what they have learned during life. Doane University offers both a Portfolio Review Program, and Transfer Credit Pathways.

In a Portfolio Review, an adult or online undergraduate student writes about their experiences showing pre-existing mastery on the curriculum subject. Upon approval, students will only pay 50% tuition for the credits earned towards your degree. For more information on our Portfolio Review process, contact an enrollment advisor today!

Through our Transfer Credit Pathways both Undergraduate and Graduate students can turn their professional training, work, or life experience into college credit. For more information about our transfer credit pathways, click here.

Student and Faculty Research

The Division of Science, Mathematics, and Information Science and Technology provides students with many opportunities to participate in research. It should be emphasized that much of the research being done is interdisciplinary. Any student who is interested in doing research should contact the lead professor. For more information on Student and Faculty Research, click here.