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Diversity and Inclusiveness

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Doane University is an inspired and unique community committed to the liberal arts. We empower and encourage students, faculty, and staff to seize opportunities, take healthy well-calculated risks, and achieve excellence as they define it. In doing so, we create a culture that encourages students to become life-long learners. Learners who will possess the knowledge and skills to pursue the intellectual and ethical inquiry, apply theories to practical problems, and engage in "purpose-driven" service and leadership on the global scale. Thus, allowing them to make a real and meaningful impact on others. 

As a part of our student learning outcomes, we specifically expect our students to understand the foundations of diverse national and international cultures as well as to learn how to work with others, to act ethically, and to lead responsibly.  In doing so, this has obvious connections to our goals of being a truly diverse and inclusive college.    

Ultimately, every student learning outcome at Doane is predicated upon the existence of an environment that encourages students, faculty, and staff to appreciate the individualized nature of human thought and experience-the fundamental recognition that we all approach issues and interactions from uniquely personal perspectives.   This reality only accentuates the importance at Doane of encouraging an ever diverse and inclusive culture, in which each student, faculty, and staff member meaningfully contributes to the advancement of our student learning outcomes and all play a role in student learning.

This year, we have launched a renewed planning process for diversity and inclusiveness, precisely because it is so central to our academic goals.  To be sure, this particular planning effort cannot occur in a silo.  Rather, it is intended to influence our larger institutional strategic planning process as well as the Doane Plan review currently being undertaken by the faculty.

This web site is intended to provide the necessary information and resources in order for us to engage in a meaningful planning process.  To that end, we will post information to this site, such as survey results and relevant data, throughout the entire planning process.  The site will also facilitate communication, which is a key element of any planning.

We encourage you to visit this site from time to time and to participate in all opportunities that will help us develop our diversity and inclusiveness plan.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Luis Sotelo, our Chief Officer to the President for Diversity and Inclusiveness at