Systems Status


  1. What system have we created?

    The current application monitors the Website, Blackboard, and WebAdvisor.  Each system is checked every 15 minutes and logs the current status of the application.

    A website,, has been setup so that users can check the status of these systems as well as the last time that the system was checked.  This site is separate from the Doane website in the event that it is down, users can still check the status of other systems.

    In the event that a system does go down, an email will automatically be sent to the designated system monitor to inform them of the reported time of the outage.  This will ensure that the service to the system is restored as soon as possible.

    All system statuses will be logged by the application and will give the opportunity for Doane IST to report off of them, as well as check for system downtime trends and make other decisions.

    This application is set to become live by the end of August just as students will be arriving back to Doane.  The system will save the college substantial amounts of money in subscriptions to GlobalNetwatch as well as increase communication between IT staff, students, and faculty.

    This application has been created by Katie Bartels, a Senior at Doane, who has been working on this project as part of her Senior Seminar project

  2. What's Our Status?

    What kind of system are we looking for?

    Doane University Information Technology Services (ITS) began looking for new ways to monitor Doane's mission critical systems such as the website, email, Blackboard, and WebAdvisor,  Currently there is no way for users, such as faculty and staff, to check the status of these systems.  An online application is needed that will monitor all systems, and provide an easy-to-understand presentation of system health.  Google currently has a system that monitors their applications.  This was used as the model for the Doane Systems Monitoring application.

    Google Apps System Monitoring

    Google Apps System Monitor

    This application needs to be accessible to anyone wishing to see current status of Doane's systems.  It also needs to log all statuses, and allow ITS to analyze availability data.  Finally, it needs to notify the appropriate ITS personnel when a system is unavailable.

    The benefits of developing this application will be:

    1. Increased communication with Doane students, faculty, and staff about the availability of Doane's mission-critical systems.
    2. Increased development and integration opportunities for ITS.
    3. Significant cost savings by reducing our reliance on our current systems monitoring partner.



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