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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is training available for Google Apps to get me started?
A: Training for Google application is available at:


Q: Can I use distribution groups in Gmail?
A: Yes. All of Doane's email data has been converted to Gmail.

Q: How do I send to groups that I could send to before, but now can't?
A: Please contact Tiger Tech ( or (x68411) or at Give them your name and what groups you need to send to, and they will grant you permissions to these groups in Gmail.

Q: When I click on the "Contacts" link, the screen goes blank and I have to restart my browser. How do I stop this?
A: You will need to clear your browser history. Find out how here.

Q: Will I need to remember more passwords now?
A: No, your current Doane user ID and password will be used to access services provided by Google. 



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