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Thumbs Up Submissions

Thumbs Up Submissions

April 2021

  • Ryan Baumgartner

    "The Doane Women's Basketball team, under the direction of Coach Baumgartner, performed an extensive clean-up of the Doane Campus on March 29th. In addition to this project, the team stuffed 700+ plastic easter eggs with candy for the Crete Chamber of Commerce." - Cody Vance

  • Ben Berreckman

    "Jeff & Ben have been working really hard to improve a lot of things for athletics and us coaches appreciate it! From facility upgrades to making things happen for the University! We are happy to have you both on our team!" - Jenna Jones

  • Chris Brady

    "The Doane Omaha Campus is a welcoming facility where students and staff also feel a commitment to learning and growing because of the dedication of Chris Brady, Campus Director. Chris represents the University and the programs well in conversations, emails and on-site. Thumbs up for such great work, Chris!" - Teresa Perkins

  • Jeremy Caldwell

    "Jeremy is ALWAYS willing to jump in with both feet whenever he is asked to do something in the ASC department." - Anita Harkins

  • Chris Craven

    "We just implemented a new automated transcript process, and we could not have done it without Chris Craven's expertise. His knowledge of Colleague is phenomonal. Our NSC representative said it was one of the smoothest implementations he's had, and it was due to Chris's knowledge of the system. Because of Chris we're able to do great things. I SOOO appreciate him." - Denise Ellis

  • James Dingwell

    "James has worked very hard as of late assisting myself and the rest of our team in the onboarding of Doane's new FAO Director, Controller, Assistant Controller, HR Generalist, and eventually the new CFO. His assistance has proven invaluable to us. He, along with the rest of the IT Department, are all doing an excellent job in spite of the incredible workload they currently face and we are very thankful for all the work they do." - Joshua Johnson

  • Denise Ellis

    "Denise always finds a way to say yes. She is always friendly and helpful. Today she took the time to manually remove a course requirement from more than 55 BUS students. This took time and I'm sure it wasn't fun. But she did it and I appreciate it. I didn't want to ask her to do this work but she didn't sigh or make me feel bad. That's a pretty awesome thing!"- Kathleen Zumpfe

  • Megan Failor

    "Megan is the Dean of Students, Director of Residence Life & Education, the Chief Judicial Officer, and ESE's go-to-gal. Megan is incredibly detail-oriented, passionate about the student experience, and making a positive impact on everyone. As a supervisor, Megan provides both personal and professional advice that makes me feel empowered to tackle my role. As a colleague, she is straight-forward, driven, and empathetic. Doane, its students, staff, and faculty are so incredibly lucky to have Megan!" - Grace Mosier

    "Megan has been such a consistent presence and leader in Student Experience. Through much transition in the last two years Megan is someone who many look to for guidance and support. Throughout the pandemic Megan has stepped up and assisted so many through difficult situations and experiences. Megan's leadership is so important and without it this last two year time period would have been nearly impossible." - Quinton Geis

  • Steve Gugel

    "Steve is always willing to help me out with my how-do-I questions." - Sandra Koll

  • Kelly Jirovec

    "During the whole COVID time, Kelly really stepped up! She is patient, kind, helpful, supportive, welcoming, persevering, thoughtful, understanding, cooperative, considerate, respectful, and a hard-working lady. She always greets you with a wave or hello - no matter what. She is a treasure to work with and a real asset to DOANE! In my opinion, she deserves two thumbs up! THANK YOU!!!" - Lori Stehlik

  • Jeff Johnson

    "Jeff & Ben have been working really hard to improve a lot of things for athletics and us coaches appreciate it! From facility upgrades to making things happen for the University! We are happy to have you both on our team!" - Jenna Jones

    "Jeff has done an outstanding job serving as interim Athletic Director. Upon his arrival, he hit the ground running and has not slowed down yet. Jeff has provided the Athletic Department with steady and capable leadership. He loves Doane and it shows!" - Cody Vance

  • Joshua Johnson

    "Josh has always been a big help, but he recently went above and beyond in coordinating the visit for the new Director of Financial Aid and making the onboarding process as smooth as possible. I think this is a great way to welcome a new employee to Doane!" - Nancy Murphy

  • Barb Kemper

    "So many things have changed with COVID, and one of them recently snuck up on several of us, and that was the football team playing a spring scrimmage game for which they needed to be eligible for. As soon as Barb heard this late on Thursday, she jumped into high gear and started getting the paperwork rolling, she submitted the proper NAIA paperwork Saturday morning prior ot the scrimmage. She goes above and beyond for the athletes, and deserves many kudos! - Denise Ellis

  • Heather Klinker

    "When helping answer questions from our open learning academy prospective students, I constantly hear how kind, patient, and helpful HEather is over the phone. She is the data coordinator on the enrollment team. Her organization is impeccable. She does everything behind the scenes to ensure Doane can enroll amazing students. Thanks Heather!" - Emily Yokel

  • Kelsee Meissner

    "Kelsee is a wealth of knowledge and a great resource for Doane employees. Whenever I need to bounce an idea or question off of someone, Kelsee is always at the top of my list. She is quick to respond, asks great questions, provides insightful ideas/solutions, and assist in anyway possible. Plus, she will always show off her latest Amazon find :) Kelsee is a bright light and we are fortunate to get to work alongside her each day. Thumbs up KELSEE!" - Lauren Erickson

  • Melissa Persing

    "Missy is basically doing the work of two people this year, and has been doing an admirable job of it - to say the least. She does so much to support faculty and students that it would be impossible to list it all. I am especially thankful for her help with MindExpo! Missy rocks!!" - Cali Biaggi

  • Julie Rasgorshek

    "Julie was the driving force behind the One Day, One Doane Campaign. I got to see her in action. She worked tirelessly and thoroughly to pull off a successful campaign during a pandemic and during a time of transition at Doane. It was a pleasure to work with someone that is so competent and professional. I think she needs a thumbs up for her work." - Ann Hagaman

  • Raquel Schmidt

    "Rocky is such an enthusaiastic and positive person. She always has a smile and genuinely wants to know how you are doing. What a great, "front person" to have for Doane. I so enjoy seeing her and working with her." - Anita Harkins

  • Patty Stehlik

    "We just switched over to an automated transcript process and Patty has implemented the new process with ease. Sometimes new processes can be challenging but she met it head on, and with enthusiasm. Way to GO Patty!" - Denise Ellis