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Thumbs Up Submissions

Thumbs Up Submissions

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November 2021

  • Ben Berreckman

    "Ben is a great, positive force within our athletic department!" - Jennifer Kennedy-Croft

  • Amanda Blackledge

    "Mandy has been working two jobs since her move to Admissions. She's still working late hours and weekends helping us here in Advancement getting gifts entered. It's a busy time for both Admissions and Advancement with new student enrollment and fall sports gifts coming in. She worked over her daughters homecoming and her daughter came to campus to let her see her all dolled up before she was off to the dance. She worked this past weekend getting us caught back up and more and more not mentioned. While we miss her tremendously over here in Advancement, we know she's rocking it over in Admissions and loving the change in duties. We, I especially, am so grateful that she has been able to help us in this transition to getting her replacement hired and soon trained." - Sandra Koll

  • Jennifer Bossard

    "Jen Bossard is a leader with passion and compassion. She cares deeply for Doane, for doing the right thing and for helping her faculty and staff understand and thrive. I am honored and appreciate the opportunity to serve with Dr. Bossard every day.  Leadership is often thankless, today,this leader gets a thank you." - Deb Sepich

  • Hannah Dull

    "Hannah has been extremely helpful as I get acclimated to this position. She is always willing to help out with any and all questions I have and is very easy to talk to. Hannah goes above and beyond in the many roles she holds and still manages to always put students first. Thanks for being you, Hannah!" - Shyla Kallhoff

  • Amanda Fairley

    "Amanda generously agreed to teach the AGR 305 course in the AUTM term with only a few days to prepare. The course was a success because of her willingness to embrace the content on such short notice." - Pete Poppert

  • Whitney Fritzinger

    "Whitney is a new adjunct faculty member in the College of Business and a recent graduate of the Doane's MBA.  She is doing a great job with her class!  What I appreciate most about Whitney is her intentionality.  She is deliberate in what she does, how she does it, and why she does it.  She asks thought-provoking questions and is open to ideas and feedback.  We are so glad to have Whitney as a member of our COB team!" - Jennifer Bossard

  • Jay Gilbert

    "Jay has directed the pep band at home football games since 1993.  I tell the audience at every home game that the Doane pep band is, without a doubt, the best in the GPAC.  No one has ever disputed that.  Jay and the pep band provide a tremendous, spirited atmosphere at our home games, and we will miss his leading the band next year and beyond.  Thank you, Jay, for 29 great years at Doane!" - Cody Vance

  • Tim Hill

    "Tim Hill was kind enough to guest lecture to my Public Relations class about the AltEn ethanol disaster from a political science perspective while I was recovering from surgery. I appreciate Tim so much! Tim capably and engagingly explained how bureaucratic specialization contributes to accountability and oversight in a democracy, some practical challenges to regulatory agencies' ability to enforce the statutes under their purview, and how we can understand some of the City of Mead's responses through a collective-action-problem analysis. Thank you so much for such an interesting, energetic, and useful lecture, Tim!" - Amanda Irions

  • Ted Jedlicka

    "There have been several times so far this semester that I have had problems with the computer in my classrooms and have had to call the Service Center for assistance. Ted has come to the rescue each time--getting to the classroom quickly so that technical issues would interrupt as little of our class meeting as possible and sharing with me what was wrong so that I could troubleshoot an issue myself in the future. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. I think Doane is lucky to have him on staff." - Kari Gentzler

  • Nick Knopik

    "There are a lot of awesome things I can say about Nick and his work ethic. I have been at Doane for five months, and from the first day I met Nick, he was outgoing, vibrant, and is always smiling. I have appreciated him helping me transition and get accumulated with Nebraska, specifically, showing me nice spots to check out in Lincoln. I could chat with Nick about fashion, coffee, life, and work. He is always eager to hear potential program/event ideas, ways to collaborate and is just a good colleague. Nick is dedicated, committed, and motivated to make a change and difference within his role and at Doane University. I can't wait to see Nick's path and future endeavors that will come his way. He helped assist me with an event for the commuter/off-campus students that I am currently overseeing, we did not have a lot of students. However, Nick was still willing to help me, and his department helped out with some food for the event. I am proud to work beside Nick, and I hope we can continue working on future projects. Nick is a strong leader, and Doane is lucky to have him!" - Eric Jones

  • Cheyenne Nelson

    "Cheyenne keeps us organized and on-track in the Theatre Department. Her attention to detail, "on it" attitude, and organizational skills are immeasurably helpful to all of us in the Performing Arts. We're so grateful for her." - Joel Egger

  • Myron Parsley

    "Myron has been incredibly helpful to me since I started at Doane in August. He has helped make my transition to Doane smooth, and I can tell he genuinely cares about me and the work I do with clients. Myron is patient, caring, kind, and supportive not only to the students he works with, but also to the staff he works alongside. I am so grateful Myron is at Doane and that he is willing to share his expertise with me daily. Thank you for everything you do for us in the counseling center, Myron! We appreciate you so much!" - Raegan Bartholomew 

  • Melissa Persing

    "From the beginning of my start in the Academic Affairs office, Missy has helped me understand much of what was new to me, keep track of still-pending items, and was phenomenally patient as we worked out coordination on shared tasks.  And most recently, thank goodness, she jumped right in to assist with review of faculty files in preparation for HLC. Thank you, Missy!" - Teresa Lombard

  • Alaina Popp

    "Alaina has traveled with me to four career fairs and expos in the past month and she has been a real asset to me and Doane as we continue to build awareness of the Agribusiness Program. She truly embraces the spirit of Doane." - Pete Poppet

  • John Slieter

    "John has been a great asset to the Agribusiness Program, and I appreciate his willingness to work with students via the online courses he teaches." - Pete Poppert

  • Russ Souchek

    "Russ Souchek was kind enough to guest lecture in my Public Relations class about the AltEn ethanol disaster from an environmental sciences perspective as I was recovering from a surgery. Russ was so great! He offered my students a great primer on ethanol and its effect on Nebraska's economy, why AltEn's production processes were inherently dangerous, and discussed the meaning and importance of the lawsuit filed against AltEn. Russ also generously answered all our questions. Thank you, Russ!" - Amanda Irions

  • Georgia Thomas

    "As a new faculty in the College of Business at Doane, I am learning a lot and have many questions to ask. Georgia has always been there for me from Day 1. I truly appreciate her and what she offers to the College of Business. Georgia can help with any question or find someone who can help you. There are times she has helped me on last-minute urgent matters, and I am grateful for that. My conversations with her always help ease me into new activities I'm working on. This is a shoutout to say thank you, Georgia, for all you do!" - AJ Chauradia

  • Eric Tucker

    "Eric Tucker is such a kind, thoughtful, and caring colleague. In addition to offering me well wishes after a recent surgery, Eric went out of his way to help me by guest lecturing in my Public Relations class about the AltEn environmental disaster from a journalist's perspective. Eric's warmth, depth of experience, ability to engage the students in conversation about the function and scope of journalism and PR, and willingness to answer our questions gave us a new and needed perspective on how power and information are publicly communicated  during a crisis. Thank you, Eric!" - Amanda Irions

  • Sherryl Yokel

    "Will & Sherryl are great assessts to our University! Their jobs aren't always easy, nor do they often get noticed, but they are always willing to go above and beyond to help. I appreciate all of the work they do for us on a daily basis and I am glad to get to work beside great people!" - Ashley Lyon

  • Will Yokel

    "Will & Sherryl are great assessts to our University! Their jobs aren't always easy, nor do they often get noticed, but they are always willing to go above and beyond to help. I appreciate all of the work they do for us on a daily basis and I am glad to get to work beside great people!" - Ashley Lyon