Facilities Personnel

Facilities Operations

Brian Flesner - Director of Facilities Operations
Sheryl Skala - Facilities Operations Coordinator

Maintenance Services

Scott Sieck - Manager of Maintenance Services
Scott Likens - HVAC Specialist
Troy Lopez - HVAC Specialist
Larry Wood- Electrician
Jack Mogensen - Plumber

Construction  Services

Don Stewart - Manager of Construction Services
Eric Juricek - Construction Associate
David Parks - Carpenter and Locksmith
Curtis Poteet - Construction Associate
Jean Semler - Painter
- Facilities Maintenance Associate-Lincoln campus

Grounds And fleet services

Mike Hatfield - Manager of Grounds and Fleet Services
Brandon Rieschick - Grounds and Landscape Leader
- Grounds and Landscape Associate
Brian Talkington- Grounds and Landscape Associate
Will Yokel - Grounds and Landscape Associate
Drew Baxa- Grounds and Landscape Associate
 - Grounds and Fleet Services Associate
 - Grounds and Landscape Associate

Custodial Services

Kevin Haberman - Manager of Custodial Services
Pat Bohling - Custodial Leader
Nazaria Reyes - Burrage Hall and Colonial Hall
Randy Bargman - Communications
Karen Kuhn - Gaylord
- Hansen Hall
Van Nguyen - Frees Hall
Kelvin Mitchell- Fuhrer
Sherryl Yokel - Haddix
Heather Busboom - Hansen Hall
 - Hixon/Lied
Araceli De Perez - Lied
Marcia Glenn - Lied
Liz Aughe - Padour Walker and Hixon/Lied
Nok-Kuem Chu - Frees Hall
Purity Obwon - Fuhrer
 - Haddix/Butler Gym
Tina Gunn - Sheldon Hall
Fannie Smith - Sheldon Hall
Carolyn Holmes - Smith Hall
Dallas Underwood - Smith Hall
Dawn Smith - Whitcomb Conservatory
Maria Wackel -  Hixon/Lied
- Communications
Brady Frahm - Haddix
Anthony Vollmer - Fuhrer
Andrea Reyes - Perry Campus Center
 - Perry Campus Center
David Sinn - Perry Campus Center


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