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Kids pose at the 2004 DFA reunion.YES, I'm interested in becoming a member of the DOANE FAMILY ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA, INC., (DFA). Just what can I expect to receive as a DFA member?  

As a new member you can expect to receive the following:

  • Your membership card
  • A copy of the Constitution and by-laws of the DFA
  • Voting privileges (except those under eighteen [18] years of age) at all the DFA meetings and reunions
  • The DFA Newsletter (2 per year)
  • The Proceedings (published following the International Reunions which occur on even numbered years.) You must be a member during that year. [For those who are not current members, you may purchase them]. You are eligible to hold office (must be over 18 for offices) in the DFA or be on one of the committees.
  • Notification about the International Reunion and any other special meetings or publications.



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