Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I print and copy?
Black & white multi-function printers with scan, copy and print functions are available for student-use in all residence halls, the Library/Information Commons and the 24x7 Computer Lab in CM 20. Printers can also be found in several other locations across campus.
Where can I get help with printing?
In the library, you can receive help from the Library Staff. For all other locations, please contact the Helpdesk at (402) 826-8411 or by contacting
Print and Copy Credits
Students receive 500 print credits each semester (Fall, Spring) for their printing needs.  For Interterm, Students receive 100 print credits. Based on student use and reviewing practices at other colleges this quantity should cover printing requirements for all students.
Each single-sided black and white print deducts 1 credit from your balance, and each duplex (2-sided) print deducts 1.5 print credits from your balance.
Credits are for each specific term, and unused credits do not roll over to the next term. Print credit balances are reset 14 days before the Spring and Fall Semester. Print credit balances for Inter-term reset the Friday prior to the start of the Spring term.
Duplex (2-sided) Printing and Copying
All printers located in the student residence halls, CM20, Gaylord Hall, Lied Media Center and in the Library Learning Commons that are capable of duplex printing are set to automatically print 2-sided. Students have the option to change the print setting to single-sided if desired.
How do credits work?
Black & White prints use 1 credit per single-sided print and 1.5 credits for duplex (2-sided).  Color prints are available from the Service Bureau and use 3 credits per single-sided print and 4.5 credits for color duplex (2-sided).
What if I am asked to print for my campus employment position?
If your job requires you to print you may already be assigned a department account to print to. This account should only be used for job related printing and copying. If you have been asked by your manager to print but do not yet have a department account, you will need to request your manager to send an email to with your name and the department that you will need access to print to. Please do not use your individual account for job related printing and copying as this will limit your academic use. Additionally, you will have to install a small software program on your personal machine so that you can print from this device. Please click on one of the following links to install the software: Mac or PC.
What if I run out of credits?
If your print balance is running low, you will need to visit the business office to purchase additional credits. You can purchase additional credits in $10 increments for 100 credits to restore your balance.  
Note: Print credits do not carry over and are not refundable, or transferable.
What is the Printing Refund Policy?
In the rare case an error occurs while printing, adjustments can be made to the charges, or a refund can be issued, to the charged account in the following situations:
  • Printer malfunctions (including, but not limited to streaks, low toner, paper jams, no paper, etc.)
  • A refund will NOT be issued for the following reasons:
  • Sending more than one copy to a printer
  • Jobs sent to and released from an incorrect printer
  • Printing an incorrect file
  • Formatting problems (incorrect font size, spacing, and other user errors that should be corrected during review of the document prior to printing)
  • Print jobs that are delayed due to high user demand and subsequently never picked up
  • Prints made by someone other than the account holder. It is the account holder’s responsibility to protect and never share a Doane username and password. Not following this rule is a violation of the Doane University’s Acceptable Use Policy which states that users are responsible for any activity originating from their accounts which they can reasonably be expected to control. Accounts and passwords may not, under any circumstances, be used by persons other than those to whom they have been assigned.
If you believe the print job qualifies for a refund then the following steps must be taken to receive credit:
  • Contact the Doane University Help Desk within five (5) business days of the job being released at(402) 826-8411, or by visiting in person at CM 32.
  • You must provide your name, Doane University ID, contact information and the date and time the job was printed along with the document name. The  date and time of the job and the document name can be found by logging into your account at:
The refund request and print logs will be reviewed and you will be notified by email once the review is complete and a decision reached.

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