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2010 - 2011 Productions

2010 - 2011 Productions

Oh Dad Poor Dad


Oh Dad, Poor Dad
Adapted by Arthur Kopit           

Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad opens as domineering Madame Rosepetal and her son Jonathan arrive at their Caribbean hotel room with a massive amount of cargo, including a coffin containing the stuffed corpse of Madame Rosepetal's husband. Rosepetal arranges a meeting between her socially awkward son and Rosalie, a professional baby-sitter, in a ploy to even further control him, but Jonathan finds himself yearning for Rosalie and freedom. Meanwhile, his mother endures the amorous advances of Commodore Rosabove until she turns the tables on him. In the midst of all this the deceased father hangs over the play literally and figuratively before triggering the play's topsy-turvy conclusion.






  The Odyssey
By Homer, Adapted by Mary Zimmerman           

Homer's The Odyssey adapted by Mary Zimmerman will be the second production of the Doane Theatre Department directed by Shannon Cameron, winner of the 2010 KCACTF Director of the Year. A dramatic adaptation of Homer’s epic poem by Mary Zimmerman. Ms. Zimmerman is the author of Metamorphoses, an adaptation of Ovid’s stories, which had a highly-acclaimed run on Broadway. This performance begins as a modern young woman struggles to understand Robert Fitzgerald’s translation of The Odyssey. When a classical muse emerges, the young woman is transformed into the goddess Athena, a tireless advocate of Odysseus in his struggle to get home. With a twist on this classic work, Zimmerman brings to life the story of Odysseus’s ten-year journey, portraying his encounters with various characters, including Circe, the Cyclops, Poseidon, Calypso, the Sirens, and others.


Spinning Into Butter


Spinning Into Butter
By Rebecca Gilman           

Spinning Into Butter by Rebecca Gilman takes place at Belmont College, a fictional liberal arts college in Vermont. When Simon Brick, one of the few African American students on campus, reports that he has found racist notes attached to his door, events are set in motion. Sarah Daniels, the new dean of students, tries in vain to defuse the rapidly escalating whirlwind of emotions stirred up among the administrators and students.

Sarah soon finds herself at odds with the rest of the school’s administrators, who are desperate to keep news of the event from reaching the media while demonstrating that they embrace “cultural and ethnic diversity.” Far from relieving tensions on campus, their attempts to be politically correct fan the flames of conflict.
The title is taken from the 1922 children’s book The Story of Little Black Sambo. This title has become synonymous with racial stereotypes and is an appropriate metaphor for American racism and the examination of a college administration thrown into paralyzing confusion.

See Rock City   See Rock City
Music by Brad Alexander
Book & Lyrics by Adam Mathias           

See Rock City & Other Destinations is a contemporary musical about connections missed and made at tourist destinations across America.

A wanderer believes his destiny is written on rooftops along the North Carolina Interstate.  A young man yearns to connect with intelligent life in Roswell, New Mexico.  A woman at the Alamo steps out of the shadow of her grandparents’ idealized romance to take a chance on love.  Three estranged sisters cruise to Glacier Bay to scatter their father's ashes.  Two high school boys face unexpected fears in the Coney Island Spook House.  A terrified bride-to-be ponders taking the leap...over Niagara Falls.

With a score that incorporates pop, rock, folk and more, each story builds on the last to create a vivid travelogue of Americans learning to overcome their fears and expectations in order to connect.




Awards & Accomplishments

Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (KCACTF) 2011 Awards including:

Meritorious Achievement Awards

  • Chet Miller - Sound Design for Dead Man's Cell Phone

Irene Ryan Acting Company

  • 7 teams from Doane participated

Design Award

  • Josh Rajaee – 1st place in the Barbizon Award in Scenic Design for The Odyssey

Production Awards

  • Chris Owens & Rebecca Wilson – selected for directing assignments
  • Oh Dad Poor Dad – nominated Best Scene