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Travel Opportunities

If Travel were a real Doane professor, he/she would be the campus favorite.
Hands down.

So we made travel a part of a Doane education. Like you, we believe in its power as an educational tool so much, we back it with a travel scholarship for each student.

Here’s why: A well-rounded education includes the chance to experience the world. Travel provides prospective. It takes your comfort zone and stretches its borders like taffy.

Doane students sometimes change career paths after they travel. They return from study abroad and pursue Fulbrights, Peace Corps placement or international jobs.

Doane sponsors more than a dozen domestic and international travel programs each year. More than half of all Doane students travel in the U.S. or abroad before they graduate.

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Here’s Who: Tyler Johnson, Class of 2015, Studying Abroad in Australia

This semester, junior Tyler Johnson is documenting his adventures as he studies abroad in Australia. Tyler is from Omaha, Nebraska, and attended Elkhorn High School. Read all about Tyler’s experiences this semester on his blog "Tyler's Australian Adventure."

As an environmental science major,Tyler is blogging about his time Down Under snorkeling, trying ethnic foods, and researching marine life. Follow Tyler’s journey at

“Glimpses of the bright blue ocean and white sandy beaches on the drive in made us so eager to hop in the water and start snorkeling that we skipped lunch. The beach at Coral Bay was simply breathtaking and I quickly claimed it as the most amazing beach I had ever seen.” -Excerpt from Tyler’s blog