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Tim Wiedman

Business - Associate Professor
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  • Education

D.B.A., Argosy University - Sarasota;  M.S., Central Michigan University;  B.A., Oakland University;  Certified Manager of Quality / Organizational Excellence;  Certified Quality Improvement Associate.

  • Research and research interests

Interested in performance evaluation (and pay-for-performance issues), teamwork and team training, and the determinants of quality improvement in the workplace.

  • Teaching experience

At Doane College since 2007 (have taught college-level courses for more than 20 years)
Previously taught full-time at:
            Thomas Nelson Community College, Hampton, VA
            Ohio University - Lancaster, Lancaster, OH
            Central Ohio Technical College, Newark, OH

  • Publications:

"The Economic Case for Auditing Health Plan Eligibility" (December, 2008), LHRMA Resource.

"Performance Appraisal: An Alternative Viewpoint" (December, 2007), LHRMA  Resource.       

"Improving Participation in a Team Environment" (Winter, 1998), QED News.

"Are You a True Believer?" (July, 1994), Quality Management Newsletter.

"Can Mass Inspection Ensure Quality?" (1994) in The World of Business:  Instructor's Manual, 2nd Ed. Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co.

"Performance Appraisal in a Total Quality Management Environment" (October, 1993), The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist.

"Quality Is Free: A Sales Pitch Creating costly Expectations" (Spring, 1993), The Quality Management Forum.

"Creativity and the Case Approach" (1992) in Great Ideas for Teaching Marketing. Cincinnati: South-Western Publishing Co.

"McDaniel's Second Principle: A Practitioner's Perspective" (April, 1991), The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist.


  • Professional memberships

American Society for Quality (Senior Member)
American Management Association
Lincoln Human Resource Management Association

  • Courses taught

Human Resource Management (BUS 212)
Management (BUS 242)
Advanced Human Resource Management (BUS 312)
International Management (BUS 346)
Managing Operations for Quality and Productivity (BUS 353)
Contemporary Issues in Human Resource Management (BUS 361)
Human Resource Strategy (BUS 418)
Quality Improvement Workshop (ITM 368)