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College of Arts and Sciences

At Doane, we believe great theatre programs must prepare and train students for careers in all contemporary and emerging entertainment forms — including live theatre, film, television, video, themed entertainment, and more.

Our students live in a world that is interactive, collaborative, and fueled by their passion for art form — one that encompasses the many forms of professional practice, as well as the theoretical exploration of current entertainment forms.

As a theatre major, you can:

  • design and build stage sets
  • create costumes
  • combine the words and ideas of playwrights
  • give television and stage characters personality

Faculty and staff are known for artistic accomplishments, professional achievements, and the ability to serve as inspiring teachers and mentors.


Productions, Awards & Accomplishments

In the world of theatre, a wish of ‘break a leg’ can only take you so far. 

Our history of theatrical awards and accomplishments is outstanding.  Student performances, set designs and productions spark nominations for scholarships and awards nearly every year. 


This Year's Productions:

Reserve tickets to a theatre production!


Past Seasons of Awards and Student Accomplishments:


BroadwayBroadway, Anyone?

During the summer of 2012, former Doane student, Samantha Ware, was cast on Broadway as the female lead in The Book of Mormon. Check out the GroundZero story!


Interested in a Doane Theatre Scholarship?

We offer a performing arts scholarship to students interested in pursuing a theatre major.

Visit the financial aid scholarship page for information on how to apply.

Learning Environment

Theatre ProductionOur department utilizes several theatre spaces according to the type of event being held, along with well-equipped classrooms and studio environments to enhance our students' learning experiences.

Whitcomb Lee Conservatory, originally constructed in 1906-07, this national landmark was renovated in 2003-04 and now houses the theatre department. This intimate performance venue features state of the art lighting and sound equipment, making it an ideal location for the majority of the department's performances. As the winner of the 2005 AIA Nebraska Design Award for its restoration, the "Con" is one of the architectural jewels on campus.

Heckman Auditorium seats 500 audience members and is a proscenium-style stage.

Cassel Open Air Theatre seats 1,000 people and takes full advantage of Doane's gorgeous scenic campus.

In keeping with Doane College's mission to prepare students for lives rooted in intellectual inquiry, ethical values and responsible citizenship, the theatre department guides our students to a general knowledge of basic theatrical skills required to understand and create artistic works.


Get Involved

The theatre department provides you with a variety of theatrical experiences (both academic and extracurricular) to help you form a personal perspective in the dramatic arts.

  • Take part in up to 4 main stage productions a year (2 each semester), plus numerous studio productions 
  • Find opportunities to design, act, direct, or assist with scenery, lighting, costuming, props, sounds, publicity, stage management, makeup, and house management
  • Create a senior project in any area of the discipline 
  • Collaborate on original productions with professional writers and directors
  • Write, direct, and perform original works
  • Do an internship in a major city, including New York, Chicago, or London
  • Get funds for summer research
  • Join Doane Players, a social and service organization that serves and promotes the theatre department and students interested in theatre. (open to all students)
  • Take regular trips to New York and London
  • Be assured, student leadership is emphasized at all levels 


Public School Certification

If you have an interest in teaching, Doane’s teacher guarantee is the icing on cake.

We’ll guarantee school districts that our graduates meet the schools’ expectations or we will provide further training to graduates at no cost

Student Organizations

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THE 101 - Introduction to the Theatre (3)
THE 103 - Acting I (3)
THE 108 - Introduction to Stagecraft (3)
THE 109 - Introduction to Costumes (3)
THE 115 - Makeup for the Stage (1)
THE 210 - Script Analysis (3)
THE 217 - Fundamentals of Play Directing (3)
THE 303 - History of the Theatre I (3)
THE 304 - History of the Theatre II (3)
THE 495 - Senior Project (1-3)
ATV 173 - Theatre (0-1)
ENG 392 - Shakespeare (4)
PED 101 - Physical Activity Course (1)
THE 207 - Advanced Acting (3)
THE 212 - Scenic Design (3)
THE 309 - Theatre Management (3)
THE 311 - Advanced Scenic and Costume Design (3)
THE 314 - Actors and Playwrights (3)
THE 318 - Advanced Directing (3)
THE 224 - Summer Stock Experience (3)
THE 421 - Theatre Internship (0-12)
THE 328 - Field Experience for Teaching Theatre (2)