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We are always interested in finding ways to help our students succeed in their academic career.  If you have taken advantage of the services the Academic Success Center provides, please take the survey's below and let us know what works and how we can help you in the future.

Meet the Staff of the ASC

The transition from high school to college level academics is a dramatic one, but it need not be traumatic if students make use of the resources Doane University provides through the Academic Success Center (ASC).In contrast to many students' high school course experiences, most college level courses demand a whole new study and exam preparation strategy. Most college professors fully expect that students will complete the assigned textbook readings and come to class prepared to ask questions and engage in discussion generated by the reading assignment. Professors' lectures complement and supplement the required reading assignment, but they are not intended to substitute for required readings. Likewise, students must attend lectures and labs if they are to gain the full benefit of their educational opportunity. Completing the assigned readings, attending lectures and labs, being able to record accurate reading/lecture notes and reviewing their notes regularly in preparation for exams and finals are all critical to any student's academic success.     

Doane's Academic Success Center (ASC) provides academic assistance, training and intervention to students who wish to improve their academic performance. The ASC consists of two separate programs: The Doane Learning Center (DLC) and Doane Student Support Services (DSS). Both programs are housed in the Communication Building .

The Doane Learning Center is a walk-in center for students wanting to raise their grades or improve their study skills. The program provides academic counseling, peer tutoring, and writing assistance.

Doane Student Support Services (DSS) is a TRIO program, federally funded through the United States Department of Education. It assists eligible students in reaching their academic and personal goals through a variety of activities. Notification of eligibility is sent to new students in the first few weeks of the fall and spring terms and is dependent on American citizenship AND family income level, (or) student disability status or both custodial parents/guardians having less than a four-year degree. 


More About ASC Services

  • Peer Tutoring: Students may request a peer tutor for most courses offered at Doane. Upper class tutors have been recommended by the faculty, have done well in the specific course(s) for which they tutor and have received training to enhance their tutoring skills. Tutors clarify concepts, suggest ways to organize class notes and help students prepare for exams. Some tutors also offer group test review sessions before major exams in selected courses. 
  • Individual Writing Assistance: The writing specialist and tutors are available to help students organize and revise writing assignments and application essays for graduate/professional school. The writing lab in the Academic Success Center is equipped with PCs, word processing software and a laser printer. Students may drop in or make appointments with the writing specialist.
  • Cultural Events: Participants may attend any or all of the sponsored off-campus events in Lincoln, Omaha and other cities. Events are selected and publicized by a student culture committee early in the fall and invitations are sent to participants two or three weeks before each event. Tickets and transportation to each event are provided through federal TRIO grant funds. In previous years, students have attended performances of the Bolshoi Ballet, musical and theatrical productions, symphony concerts, dance troupe performances, dinner theater and other quality cultural events.
  • Close Monitoring/Academic Counseling: These weekly sessions assist students in establishing realistic grade goals and monitoring their progress in reaching those goals. The ASC staff works with students to improve their study habits, time management and exam preparation skills.
  • Exam Analysis: Students who seek to improve their performance on course exams may request an exam analysis. This tool enables students to clearly see why errors were made and to develop a study plan for the next test.
  • Preparation for Graduate/Professional School Entry Exams: The ASC staff conducts workshops to train students who are preparing for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Individual or small-group tutorial sessions are offered to students who are preparing to take the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) or the CMEE, for entry into the teacher education program. Study guides are available for the GRE, PPST, CMEE, LSAT (Law School Admissions Test) and GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).
  • TRIO Leadership Opportunities: Funding is available to help TRIO participants finance attendance at conferences and seminars, to make scholarly presentations related to academic leadership development in their majors, and/or to prepare for their future careers or graduate study.

Contact the Academic Success Center at 402.826.8554.



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