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Reporting Crimes at Doane University

Doane University actively encourages all community members to report suspected or confirmed criminal activity.  Crimes on campus can be reported to the Doane Safety Office or local Police Department.  You may make initial reports via phone, but you may be asked for a face-to-face interview.  You may also make reports online (see below) or by coming to the Doane Safety Office located on the top level of Padour Walker. 

Doane University encourages all victims of crimes to remember the following:
* Get to a safe place
* Make an immediate report
* Report even suspected issues
* Protect any evidence you may have
* Give as much detail as possible

Anonymous Reporting Options:
See Something! Say Something!  - Send a Text message to DOANESAFETY at 50911
This resource is confidential.  Don't be a passive bystander in your community.

See Something Say Something.pdf

Anonymous Sexual Violence Report Form

You can also choose to submit an anonymous report online here.

Contact Information:
Doane Safety Office - (402)826-8669 (x8669 from a campus phone)
Crete Police Department - (9)911 emergency
                                   - (402)826-4311 non-emergency

Online Reporting:
To report crimes that occur on campus, or to submit information regarding other issues/observations, please click here

Public Crime Log:
The Safety Office maintains a daily crime log that accounts for the last 60 days of campus criminal activity.  A copy of the log is available on request during normal business hours (8am - 4pm M/F).

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