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Membership Terms


  I.) Membership Terms

a. The Student Congress shall have four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer:

i. The President and Vice President shall be elected by a ballot vote of the student body by a general election, held in the spring of the year.
ii. The President and Vice-President must be of either junior or senior standing when assuming office in the fall semester; be a full-time student as defined by the Registrar; and maintain a minimum of a two-point (2.0) accumulative grade point average.
iii. Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates must have served on the Congress for at least one semester.
iv. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be appointed by the President, subject to majority approval by the Student Congress. If the majority approval is not met, then the senators have the right to nominate candidates. The voting procedure will continue until a majority is obtained.

b. The Student Congress shall have thirteen (13) senators:

i. Ten (10) of these senators shall be elected at large by a ballot of the student body in the general spring election.
ii. The remaining thre3 (3) freshman senators will be elected in the fall semester by a ballot vote of the freshman students.