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This is the second of two bulletins car­rying infor­mation about interterm cours­es.  The first bulletin carried a de­tailed descrip­tion of pro­posed off-campus interterm opportunities.  This bulletin carries final descriptions of all cours­es offered Inter­term 2012-2013.




Interterm registration will take place BY CLASS STANDING during the two-week period of October 31- November 9, 2012. This two-week period coincides with the dates you will be scheduling your classes for spring semester 2013. 


The schedule will be as follows:


            October 31, November 1          Seniors (current classifi­ca­tion)

            November 2, 5                         Juniors (current classifi­cation)

            November 6, 7                         Sophomores (current classification)

            November 8, 9                         Freshmen (current classifica­tion)


Current classification is determined by total number of credits accumulated PRIOR to the current semester.  Credits in progress are NOT included:


            Senior              95+ Credits                  Sophomore      30-59 Credits

            Junior               60-94 Credits               Freshman         0-29 Credits


Please note that this is the only registration period for Interterm courses.  Any alteration in your course choice for Interterm will be made on the first day of Interterm, Thursday January 3.


                                                            INTERTERM OPTIONS


Keep in mind the following when choosing an Interterm:

a.   If you enroll in an Interterm travel course sched­uled at a time other than January 2013, you MAY NOT register for another Interterm that does occur in January.  You are permitted ONLY ONE (1) Interterm course in an aca­demic year. Any exceptions to this policy need to be approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

b.   ALL FULL-TIME DEGREE-SEEKING STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE AN INTERTERM DURING THEIR FIRST YEAR. Students are required to take three Interterm courses for gradua­tion.  Two of the Interterm courses must be "ITM" prefixed.  The required third and optional fourth Interterm courses may have a depart­mental prefix.  Trans­fer and pre-profess­ional students should check the catalog for relevant requirements.

c.   If you are planning on doing an internship during Interterm, you must inform the Career Development Office BEFORE you can register.  Remember that CED 205 or permission is a prerequisite for an internship experience.  Internships during Interterm are available for three (3) credits only.




Interterm classes meet a minimum of two and a half hours daily, five days a week.  Some courses meet daily at 9:00 a.m.  Others meet daily at 2:00 p.m.  Some courses, due to the nature of their topic, meet all day long.  Check the description of the courses in this booklet to determine the meeting times of Interterm courses. 




Full-time students enrolled at Doane in the 2012 fall semester pay only the addition­al costs, if any, indicat­ed in the course descrip­tion and any cost for text­books when required.  Doane's OFF-CAMPUS Inter­term courses require payment for the costs incurred as indicated herein. 


Students participating in Doane's off-campus Interterm Courses may apply to the Business Office for a board refund.  Students who choose not to take an Interterm course DO NOT receive a board refund.  Students from other institutions without exchange agreements with Doane may enroll, but must pay tuition for desired credits.


                                                            COURSE GRADES


Some interterm courses are taught with letter grades as the only option.  Other courses are taught on a pass/fail basis.  Some courses allow students to choose whether they wish letter grades or pass/fail and are designated in this bulletin as "Student Op­tion." If you select an Interterm course designated as "Student Option", TELL THE INSTRUC­TOR on the first day of class if you wish to take it for a letter grade or if you are planning to take the course on a pass/fail basis.


In a pass/fail course, the grade of “P” earns credit, but this credit is not computed into the grade point average.  In a graded course, the earned grade is calculated into the GPA.  Faculty expect the same high standards of academic work during Interterm as in fall or spring terms.  However, interterm allows you to focus on one subject only; you may do better academically if you are managing only one course, so carefully consider the graded course option.


Students who hope to graduate with honors are reminded that one of the requirements is a certain number of graded credits. The number is based on the number of semes­ters a student is enrolled at Doane. Other honors that require a certain number of graded credits include Honors in Course, Doane Scholar, and Alpha Lambda Delta.






October 31-November 9          Preregistration for Spring Semester 2013 by CLASS and registration for Interterm 2013 by CLASS


January 3   Thursday                Interterm classes begin at 9:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.  (Students will be withdrawn from a class if ab­sent on January 3.  Once dropped from a class, a student may not be able to re-enter it.)


January 7   Monday                  Final day for students to change an Inter­term class and final day for late registra­tion (5:00 p.m.).


January 9   Wednesday             Final day for withdrawal from Inter­term with a "W" (4:30 p.m.)


January 22  Tuesday                 Interterm ends


January 25 Friday                     Interterm grades published to Web Advisor


January 28  Monday                 Spring Semester classes begin


Doane College continues its policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age, or marital status.