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2009 Interterms


General Information
ITM 118, Multicultural Education (Johnson-Farr & Wehrs)
ITM 123, Exploring Ancient Egypt (Haller)
ITM 137, Controversial Issues in Psychology (Peters)
ITM 194, Nutrition and Sport (Dunnigan)
ITM 227, Interpreting the Unknown (Orsag)
ITM 243, The Economics of Professional Sports (Manns)
ITM 249, Time Travel (Clevette)
ITM 250, Covering the Inauguration (Swartzlander)
ITM 252, The Culture of Food and Drink (Clement)
ITM 300, Introduction to American Sign Language (Kay)

ITM 300 does not satisfy the Cultural Perspectives requirement of the Doane Plan.

ITM 302, Family in Film (DeBoer)
ITM 306, Personality and Power: Images of English & British Royalty (Jarvis)
ITM 309, Multicultural Psychology (Lambert)
ITM 311, Ghosts and Other Psychic Phenomenon (McCown)
ITM 337, The Caribbean and Its Culture (Kozisek)
ITM 343, Teaching in Thailand (Forester & Dudley)
ITM 345, Lessons From the Immigrant Experience (Hegler)
ITM 356, American Humor (B. Johnson)
ITM 357, Discover Brazil and the Amazon (J. Johnson & Forester)
ITM 358, 101 Ways Insects Benefit Your Life (Jurzenski)
ITM 359, Greece & Turkey (Knobel and Vertin)
ITM 360, Management and the Arts (Lake)
ITM 361, Chimps, Condoms, and Conspiracies (Marley)
ITM 362, Martial Arts and Self Defense (Meysenburg)
ITM 363, Black Hills Climbing Adventure (Orsag)
ITM 364, Opera Scenes (Smith & Breckbill)
ITM 365, Wetland Restoration and Hurricane Impacts (Souchek)
ITM 366, Philosophy Through Film (Striblen)
ITM 367, Drug Wars (Vaccaro)
ITM 368, Quality Improvement Workshop (Wiedman)
ITM 369, The Science and the Fiction of Sci-Fi Movies (York)
ITM 370, Show Me the Money: The Business of Sports Marketing (Zumpfe)
ACC 371, Selected Topics in Accounting (Springer)
CED 205, Introduction to Field Experience (Vaughn)
ITM/Departmental Prefix 290, 390, 490, Directed Study
ITM/Departmental Prefix 421, Internship Experience