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Residence Life Staff

Our Mission

We support student success in our community by promoting a healthy environment built on service leadership, accountability, equity, and inclusion.

The Senior Director of Residence Life provides leadership and guidance to the entire residential Doane community.  He works in the Student Leadership Office in Perry Campus Center.  Residence Directors report directly to him, and he reports to the Vice President for Student Leadership.  He also serves as the Senior Housing Officer.

Kevin Bollinger
Senior Director of Residence Life
P:  402.826.6721

The Associate Director of Residence Life oversees the residence halls on the Northside of campus - Smith, Burrage, and Colonial.  The AD is responsible for RA training, ongoing assessment of department operations, and adjudicating residential living standard violations.

Sean Griffin
Associate Director of Residence Life
North Side Residence Director
P:  402.826.8627

The Residence Life Coordinator serves as primary contact for Residence Life.  She's available in the Res Life Office in Perry during business hours.  She manages our housing and conduct databases.  The RLC is also the Greek Life Advisor, and she oversees our housing assignment process for incoming students.

Megan Failor
Residence Life Coordinator
Judicial and Greek Affairs Coordinator
P: 402-826-6721

Residence Directors (RD) are trained professionals who oversee the smooth operation of our residence halls.   They are available to students in their residence hall offices Monday through Friday from 8-5, and at least one RD is always on duty.  Supporting the residence advisors and promoting student success are their primary responsibilities.

John Wiemer
Residence Director of Hansen Leadership Hall
P:  402.826.8308

Caitlin Smith-Hagerman
Residence Director of Frees Hall
P:  402.826.8681

Robert Sharp
Residence Director of Sheldon Hall
P: 402-826-8619

Community Development Coordinators (CDCs) are paraprofessional students.  Like RAs, they serve as a resource to residents in ours halls; however, they also handle collateral responsibilities, focusing on improving our sustainability, developing mentorship programs for new RAs, and collaborating with our themed communities to promote their success.

Residence Advisors (RA) are peer resources in the residence halls. Each RA is a trained, mature student who helps check residents in and out of their room, plans activities and events for their hall, acts as a resource and referral person, and is on duty periodically for emergencies.  RAs are available in their rooms most evenings:  When their doors are open, feel free to stop by and say hello!

Contact Information
For general questions, please contact us via phone or email, or stop by the ResLife Office in Perry during business hours, 8-5pm Monday through Friday.
Phone: 402.826.6721
ResLife Emergency Line: 402.418.1575